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Supporting Sustainable Solutions

2 May 2024
Head of Repair standing next to new electric Breyer Vans

“Sustainably improving your homes and communities” isn’t just a strapline for Breyer; it’s a commitment to doing things in a way that is better for people and planet. This is why we’re always looking to introduce new sustainable solutions into current working practices.

Among our most recent eco initiatives are EV vans and welfare units powered by solar panels. The new EV Vans are being trialed with Breyer supervisors working from our Dartford Office. We intend to roll out the vans, which are being used during the day and then charged overnight in the depot ready for work the next morning, for all of our supervisors provided all goes well.

The solar panel-powered welfare units are currently in place at our site in Hertfordshire for our decarbonisation contract with B3 Living. We are monitoring energy consumption there so that we can clearly demonstrate the benefit of adopting these units on future set ups across all of our projects in the future. Along with these eco units, we are also exploring the potential of battery back-up to cover extended hours or winter months, along with EV charging points on our sites.