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Our Policies

We are committed to working in a way that is fair, considerate and conscientious. As such, we hold and adhere to a number of important policies. These include:

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Gender Pay Gap

Whilst government legislation has made it statutory for organisations with 250 or more employees to report annually on their gender pay gap, Breyer Group see this as an opportunity to look at ways of improving our business strategy in our efforts to create a diverse and gender balanced workforce reflecting the customers and communities in which we serve.

As a company we recognise that whilst Construction generally attracts a higher proportion of males into the workplace, Breyer Group are committed to addressing gender representation and supporting women into the workplace.

The full Gender Pay Gap report for April 2023 is accessible online here.

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Modern Slavery act Transparency Statement

Breyer Group recognises that being responsible and sustainable really matters. We ensure everything we do is ethical and lawful, and that we work in a socially and environmentally sustainable way.

The principles in this code are not meant to provide an exhaustive list of expectations of suppliers, just things that matter most.

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Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

At Breyer Group we place every importance on the communities we serve. Our ethos values the diversity of our communities who enrich our work and influence the high standards we adopt and strive for.

Committed to Investors in People, Breyer Group delivers and provides a wide range of cultural awareness and equality and diversity training, literature and publicity that ensures our staff are best placed to serve our communities.

If you’d like to see further policy documents, please contact us at [email protected]