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Our Mission & Values

“At Breyer, our services might be about property but our purpose is all about people. Breyer’s mission is to provide professional, reliable property services in a personable, conscientious way. We want to work collaboratively with our clients to improve homes and communities across the South and South East. And, while we do that, we want to empower and enrich lives through bespoke initiatives that truly meet the social and environmental needs of the residents and communities with whom we work.”

Daren Moseley, Managing Director

Our Values

Breyer remains a family-owned business and, as such, we pride ourselves on continuing to work with family values in place. It is important to us that we are not only professional but also personable and conscientious in all that we do.

We are professional.
Led by a strong board of trustees who have years of experience in the industry, our team are highly trained experts who are solution-focused and deliver excellent standards of work.
We are personable.
We collaborate with our clients and residents in a friendly, approachable way, to ensure that the work we deliver meets their needs and achieves high satisfaction across the board.

We are conscientious.
We strive to do things right in terms of health, safety, sustainability and governance, and add social value wherever possible.

At Breyer, we foster a welcoming and inclusive culture that is intended to allow everyone to thrive. We promote fair and equal opportunities and place considerable importance on employee wellbeing.

If our mission and values resonate with you and you’d like to join our team, please drop us a line.