Dear Residents,

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of our fortnightly newsletter.

First and foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and cooperation whilst these works are taking place.

New site manager

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our site manager Derrick Daniels to the site team. Derrick Daniels has taken over from Tony Phillips. Should you have any enquiries relating to the works, Derrick’s contact details are listed in our ‘here to help’ segment, or feel free to pop into the respite/site compound.

Update On Works

We are pleased to inform you that we have made good progress with the works, which are now nearing completion.

The communal flooring in all blocks has been renewed and we are now completing the works around the surrounding areas.

I am also sure that you will have noticed the improvement of the communal walkways on your estate since the water proof coating was applied. We are aware of the pooling on some walkways and are looking to address this matter.

We will shortly be replacing the bin store doors.

An inspection of 150-180 and 382-404 at high level has taken place and ground works have commenced. Once the high level works have finished on the remaining blocks, the Breyer Group Plc, Bailey Garner (Lewisham Homes consultants) and Lewisham Homes will complete the high level inspection. Once the standard of work at high level has been approved by all parties, the scaffold will begin to be dismantled to enable the ground work to start on the remaining blocks.

The final hand over will take place once all works have been completed.

Access to private balconies and pram sheds

Private balconies

The application of the Eco Prokol (water proof coating) to the private balconies is going well and we are in the final stages of these works. We will need access to all the private balconies, so we would like to remind residents to ensure that your belongings are cleared from your balconies and to inform Breyer once this has been done.

Pram sheds

We are unable to gain access to complete works at the following numbered pram sheds - 18,22,25,26,28,29,30.

We require the owners of these sheds to contact resident liaison officer Winnie Green, as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements, so we can complete these works.

Block Progress since the Last Newsletter

Block 150 - 180
Wood Vale

We are happy to inform you that we have now completed the high level inspections. The scaffold has now been dismantled. Works are under-way to finish painting the ground floor levels, which will include painting the communal staircase skirting.

Block 182 - 244
Wood Vale

The works to the aggregate panel on the top floor have caused a slight delay in finishing the works, but we are pleased to advise you that Breyer are liaising with our consultants. The structural engineer is on course to receive recommended instructions week commencing 10 November 2014. We have completed the downpipes repairs, and works to the ground floor walkways will commence once scaffold has been dismantled.

Block 246-268
Wood Vale

We are happy to advise that the external works are nearing completion. The works to renew the pram shed doors are underway. Once the high level inspection has taken place and providing that the works are then approved we will proceed to dismantle the scaffold and commence works to the roof and guttering around the pram sheds.

Block 270 - 332
Wood Vale

We are happy to report that works are nearing completion. Once the works at high level works have been inspected and approved, the scaffold will be dismantled and we will then be able to proceed with completing the remaining works to the ground floor properties. We have also completed repair work to the downpipe.

Block 334 - 356
Wood Vale

We are happy to report that with the exception of some pointing works (the external part of the mortar joints), the works to the high level have finished. The works at high level will be inspected and approved, we will then proceed to dismantle the scaffold and start works to renew the roof and guttering around the pram shed cupboards, renew the pram shed doors, and paint the communal staircase skirting.

Block 358-380
Wood Vale

Subject to minor works to the pointing, we are happy to advise that works at this block are near completion. We will proceed to complete the high level inspection, and once approved and the scaffold is dismantled, we will complete works to the ground level, including renewing the pram shed roof and guttering.

Block 382- 402
Wood Vale

We are happy to report that the high level inspection has been achieved. The ground level works have commenced and the painting of the pram sheds are now nearing completion. We will also be renewing the roof and guttering around the prams sheds cupboards and painting the communal staircase skirting.