Dear Residents,

Welcome to the eleventh edition of our weekly newsletter.

Update of Works to Block 21-43

The roof replacement to the bin sheds was started on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. Once this is complete, the scaffold handrail will be removed.

As you will have noticed, the scaffold to the main building has now been removed. We have cleaned the majority of the front and rear gardens to the block but should you have any concerns, please contact us.

To summarise, the remaining works to this block are as follows:

  • Flat roof replacement to bin shed

Update of the progress to date as a percentage of the works.

Block 21-43
Work% Complete
Scaffold Removal 95%
Communal Decoration Works 100%
Pitched Roof Replacement 100%
Flat Roof Works 50%
Ashpalt repairs to balconies 100%
Asbestos Removal 100%

Update of Works to Block 45-101

We are pleased to advise you that works are progressing well to this block and we have managed to recover some of our lost time.

Update of the progress to date as a percentage of the works.

Block 45-101
Work% Complete
Communal Decoration Works 70%
Pitched Roof Replacement  85%
Flat Roof Works 0%
Asphalt repairs to balconies 0%
Asbestos Removal 100%
Rain Water Goods Replacement 100%

Site Set Up

Breyer Group have established a small site set up located in the car park behind block 17-48 Porthcawe Road, SE26 5TA.

This consists of a few storage containers, welfare facilities and a site office.

If you have any questions pertaining to our works you will find the site team based there. They will be happy to help you.

Residents’ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shall I do if I see people on the scaffold?
A. If you see people on the scaffold that are not contracted to Breyer Group or Lewisham Homes and it is out of hours (5.00pm to 08.00am) then please contact the Police. If this is during working hours (08.00am to 5.00pm) then please contact the site team.

Q. What do I do if someone knocks on my door who hasn’t got Identification?
A. All Breyer Group and Lewisham Homes personnel should carry Identifcation at all times, if someone knocks at your door and hasn’t got ID then we would advise you to refuse them entry until you can verify who the person is. To do this please contact your Resident Liaison Officer.

Q. What shall I do if there is an emergency, who do I report it to?
A. If there is an emergency relating to our works then please contact your Resident Liaison Officer or a member of the site team. If this is out of working hours then please contact Lewisham Homes emergency number on 0800 028 2028.

Q. What do I do If I want to make a complaint?
A. If you feel that you need to make a complaint then please in the first instance contact you Resident Liaison Officer who should be able to help.