Environmental News

We are pleased to advise that Breyer Group has implemented a re-cycling process during the course of the replacement window scheme. There is a dedicated re-cycling zone on site with the green re-cycle signage displayed where the old windows are stored awaiting collection and transport to a re-cycling centre.


Should you have any questions or queries during the course of our works, your first point of contact is your RLO Edmund Attobrah.  He will be happy to help you, please do not hesitate to call.

Security Reminder

All operatives will carry authentic ID Badges, clearly displaying the blue Breyer Group logo, the operative’s name, role  and will also contain a photograph of the operative.

If in doubt of a contractor’s identity, please contact your RLO or Site Manager immediately. 

Safety information

Please ensure that children and pets do not run-free in the vicinity of the works. It is always our aim to complete the works to the satisfaction of all concerned. We are fully aware this can be achieved with the full support and co-operation of everyone.

We would request that you follow and comply with any safety information given by any Breyer Group operatives.


Here to Help...

Carole McGhie

Carole McGhie

Resident Liaison Officer

07816 225 940


Jamie Knipes

Jamie Knipes

Site Manager

07432 138283


Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.

Breyer Group’s Main Office (Leegate House) 
020 8318 5934.