Following on from our last Newsletter; bringing you up to date with the Major Works Programme as it unfolds.
We will continue to keep you updated via your Resident Liaison Officer, Carole McGhie, who is your first point of contact should you have any queries during the course of our works.

Breyer Staff News:

Introducing Shoeb Samad a long standing and experienced Site Manager from Breyer Group, he has been appointed to assist with the closing down of the site as our works reach completion stage.


Following on from our last Newsletter and bringing you up to date with what has happened so far. Check the 'Progress Updates' page to see the latest updates on your property.

Scaffolding Awareness

It is strongly recommended that all r esidents remain vigilant at all times, especially if any activity raises sus picion when the site office is closed (5pm to 8am weekdays, weekends and bank holidays). Should you have any concerns during these times please contact your local police service immediately.
During office hours please report any misuse of scaffolding or suspicious behaviour to your RLO immediately.
Please remember that construction sites can be dangerous places. Fully advise members of your family, in pa rticularly children, of both the dangers involved if they climb on the scaffold and the inconvenience that would be caused to other residents.
Do inform your Insurance Company of scaffold to your block. Ensure that once scaffold is in place all windows and doors are fully secure when leaving your property.

Identification Security Reminder

All of our contractors will wear hi-vis ibility vests and carry an identification card so they are easily identifiable on site. All Breyer authentic ID cards clearly display the blue Breyer Grou p logo, the operatives name and role. If in ntractor’s identity, please contact your RLO or Site Manager

Health and Safety Audits 2017 

As a business, Breyer Grou0p i78s 1v6er 2y2 f5oc 94us0s ed on health and safety. Monthly Health & Safety audits are carried out on site and we are pleased to report consistent high scores are being achieved on Valentine Court and Pikethorne. Our audits continue to demonstrate that our sites are run safely for the benefit of our staff, residents and the general public  

Recycling and Environment Matters 

Breyer Group has made a firm commitment to implement high standards of environmental practice during our works at Valentine Court. This includes the introduction of a Site Waste Management Plan which consists of recycling waste materials such as wood and plastic. 

Good News

Based on residents returning a Resident Satisfaction Survey the number of residents who are on average ‘Satisfied’ = 97.35%


Here to Help...

Carole McGhie

Carole McGhie

Resident Liaison Officer

07816 225 940


Jamie Knipes

Jamie Knipes

Site Manager

07432 138283


Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.

Breyer Group’s Main Office (Leegate House) 
020 8318 5934.