As you will be aware, works are currently taking place to blocks 1 - 29 and 14-44 Sheenewood. There may be some noise experienced from the works which we aim to keep to a minimum where possible. We will endeavour to honour our programme schedule, however wish to inform you of a slight delay to roofing works, as a result of wet weather conditions in June.

For your convenience, Breyer Group are operating a Considerate Contractor Parking Scheme whilst on the Estate. A permit will be displayed in a vehicle which clearly identifies Breyer Group Staff. If for any reason one of our vehicles  is causing an obstruction to you, please do not hesitate to contact the mobile number clearly displayed on the permit. Your call will be directed to an on-site team member, which means we have the opportunity to act swiftly to reduce further delay or inconvenience to you.

As you may be aware, a temporary barrier has been placed close to the turning into Sheenewood Estate from Westwood Hill. It’s purpose is to allow

sufficient space for a skip lorry to load and unload, keeping the disruption to a minimum. This will allow the Site Team to operate in a timely and effective manner, reducing the overall impact on residents. There will be times when we need to use parking spaces for a limited period, this may cause temporary inconvenience, for which we apologise.

Breyer Group has successfully completed the pilot flat on Sheenewood, for the new window replacement scheme, which is due to be rolled out shortly. Window measurement surveys are now underway and we will be arranging a visit to your home soon.

We are proposing to use the green space behind block 2-12 Sheenewood as a suitable storage location for the window replacement scheme. We   have considered this location to reduce the amount of disruption to residents and traffic flow whilst at the same time allows the site to operate within good health and safety guidelines. Should the green area become visibly damaged we will reinstate it back to it’s original condition when the works have finished.

If you have any comments regarding this proposal, please contact your Resident Liaison Officer, with your reasons which will be given full consideration.

As the external programme unfolds, we will be keeping you informed of any changes as they occur. The communication methods we will use are letters, newsletters, site boards, email, text messaging and face to face by our    dedicated Site Team. Please do not hesitate to contact the team with any queries or concerns you may have. We are here to assist and support you throughout the duration of these works. Our aim is to keep any disruption to a minimum and we thank you for your patience and co-operation whist we carry out these essential improvements.

For your security, all operatives will carry authentic ID Badges, clearly displaying the blue Breyer Group logo, the operative’s name, role  and will also contain a photograph of the operative. If in doubt of a contractor’s identity, please contact your RLO or Site Manager immediately.


Here to Help...

Carole McGhie

Carole McGhie

Resident Liaison Officer

07816 225 940


Steve Gracie

Steve Gracie

Site Manager

07977 510 154

Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.

Breyer Group’s Main Office (Leegate House) 
020 8318 5934.