Scaffolding Awareness

It is strongly recommended that all residents remain vigilant at all times, especially if any activity raises suspicion when the site office is closed (5pm to 8am weekdays, weekends and bank holidays). Should you have any concerns during these times please contact your local police service immediately.
During office hours please report any misuse of scaffolding or suspicious behaviour to your RLO immediately.
Please remember that construction sites can be dangerous places. Fully advise members of your family, in particularly children, of both the dangers involved if they climb on the scaffold and the inconvenience that would be caused to other residents. 

Do inform your Insurance Company of scaffold to your block. Ensure that once scaffold is in place all windows and doors are fully secure when leaving your property.

Identification Security Reminder

All of our contractors will wear hi-visibility vests and carry an identification card so they are easily identifiable on site. All Breyer authentic ID cards clearly display the blue Breyer Group logo, the operatives name and role. If in doubt of a contractor’s identity, please contact your RLO or Site Manager immediately.

Additional Helpful Information

If you have any further enquiries or wish to compliment our service or works, please contact your RLO directly or alternatively you can contact us as listed below.
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Here to Help...

Kim Cromwell

Kim Cromwell

Resident Liaison Officer

07984 722437


Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams

Site Manager

07930 193864


Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.

Breyer Group’s Main Office (Leegate House) 
020 8318 5934.