Welcome to out first newsletter of the year for your area.

The purpose of these new and upcoming regular newsletters is to keep you updated on a monthly basis with the progress of the works currently being carried out to your building.

This newsletter covers the Longfield Crescent blocks which we have grouped together and named Area 5.


You might also be interested to know that we have recently launched a bespoke website: homes

You can log on, using your smart phone or your personal computer, and view these newsletters. This website can also be used to keep you informed with notices and news in relation to the works within your area.

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Once the scaffold has been erected, Lewisham Homes consultants Baily Garner, and the Breyer Group will complete a high level inspection of the building. The purpose of the high level inspection is to take a closer look at the building so that we can ensure that

Lewisham Homes is only completing works that are required.


When the works commence Breyer will contact you and arrange to Inspect your windows to determine if they require replacement. If your windows do require replacement, we will manufacture the windows, and then contact you once more to arrange a convenient date to install.

During the time that the windows are being manufactured, Breyer will continue to complete all the other building works that have been agreed with Lewisham Homes.


As you are well aware we have recently erected scaffolding around the buildings and carried out a detailed inspection to the high level parts. During this inspection, we looked at the state of the existing tiles and inspected the condition of the timber below, in order to see if the roof needs refurbishment or replacement.

During the week commencing Monday 30th March 2015 we will be attaching hoists to the existing scaffold of all blocks. This is in order to allow for the commencement of complete roof renewal works which will follow shortly after.

We are happy to inform you that during April we will be commencing with the following works;

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Replacement of Guttering
  • All new Fascia and Soffit Replacement
  • Brickwork and Concrete Repairs
  • Window Surveys
  • Pointing to Masonry

Site Compound

We are looking to increase our temporary site compound to include an office and more efficient welfare facility so in order to have a site presence at all times.

What happens next

Following completion of works we will arrange a handover inspection with our consultants, Baily Garner.

Block representatives will be invited to participate in this inspection and will be provided with details nearer the time.

Easter Working Arrangements

During the Easter Period our contractors will not be working on Friday 3rd April and Monday 6th April as these are public bank holidays. In the event of an emergency please contact the out of hours service on 0800 028 2028.

We hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend!!

Should you have any further queries regarding the external works please contact a member of the site team who will be pleased to help you. Their numbers are listed on the front page.