Our aim, with these newsletters, is to keep you well informed about the progress of Lambeth (Housing Standard/Capital works) and make sure you have plenty of opportunity to get involved.

Upcoming works

In the next couple of weeks the following works will be in place;

Coverley Point - Commencement of scaffolding 05/09/16.

Hayman’s Point - Commencement of scaffolding 19/09/16.

Aveline Street - Window replacements - programme date tbc

Brangton Street - Window replacements – programme date tbc

Block Handovers

We are aware the works in place are causing some noise and significant dust. Once works are completed a formal handover of the whole block will be carried out. The Estate Manager, Lambeth Capital Works team and their representative from Baily Garner will be in attendance at this to ensure the blocks are returned to a clean and respectable state.

Defects reporting during the works

If you have any concerns about what look like defects in the materials or workmanship during the works, please contact your Breyer Group Resident Liaison Officer, Marie Ozowa, on 07884 5646446. We have a 12 months defects liability period on most finished work. During this 12 month period, please contact Breyer Group.

It is unlikely that we will need to do any work in the evening or at weekends. If we ever do need to work unusual hours, we will seek the permission of Lambeth Council prior to this and we will let you know if it affects you or your home.

Defects reporting after the works

If any defects which are specifically to do with the External refurbishment come to light after 12 months, please contact Lambeth Capital works team on 0207 926 7031 or email HMLHSnorth@lambeth.gov.uk


Here to Help...

Marie Ozowa

Marie Ozowa

Resident Liaison Officer

07539 215 628 or mozowa@breyergroup.co.uk

Ian Shuttleworth

Ian Shuttleworth

Site Manager

07957 586 865 or ishuttleworth@breyergroup.co.uk


Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.

Our site office is located on the corner of Sancroft Street, SE11 5PP. 

Out-of-hours number: 0800 389 9706

Email: northcapitalworks@lambeth.gov.uk