Scaffolding erection


Since commencement of the works at Stamford Street and the NL1 properties, scaffolding has been erected to:

6 properties at Stamford Street,

8 properties at Chaplin close,

2 properties at Fitzalan Street.

4 properties at Hercules Road.


Roofing works

Roofing repair works are now completed at Stamford Street and went well in accordance with the works programme. The completed roof will shortly be inspected and signed off by Lambeth’s Consultants Baily Garner. Works to the roofs of 77 and 76 Fitzalan Street have also commenced.



The window repair works of Stamford Street are 95% completed with 5 properties outstanding for internal overhaul. All windows at Chaplin Close, Walnut Tree Walk and Hornbeam Close are now installed and ready for final inspections before the scaffolding comes down.


If you experience any issue with your windows, please contact us using the contact details below, so it can be investigated and quickly resolved.



The decoration works to the communal hallways at Stamford Street will be commencing shortly, once the pilot property we are working on is completed. A big thank you to those residents who participated in choosing the wall colors.

Striking of scaffold


Please bear in mind that once window installations are completed, access will be needed for the windows to be inspected by representatives of Lambeth Council and their appointed consultants. Once the windows are signed off, scaffold will then be removed. The scaffolding has now been dismantled and removed from the rear of 65 and 69 Stamford Road.


Residents update drop-in session

We will be holding our planned monthly evening drop in sessions for residents and leaseholders.

The aim of these sessions is to answer any questions or concerns you may have relating to the works in progress.


In attendance will be

The contractors - Breyer Group,

The project consultants Baily Garner

Lambeth Home Ownership team

Lambeth Project Management team


All the above will be happy to speak with tenants and leaseholders to answer any questions regarding these external works.


Please find the next planned resident’s drop-in session details below.



Tuesday 24th July 2018



5:30pm – 7:00pm



Pedlar's Acre, Community Hall, Opal Street, SE11 4HQ


Leaseholder enquiries


Please direct any leaseholder enquires to the Home Ownership team direct on;


Please be reminded that the scaffolding outside your property is in use Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you feel at any point during the day you may be put in a compromising position by workmen outside your window, we would advise that you close your curtains/blinds.


Email for questions/queries

Breyer Group’s email address for any residents’

issue’s or questions is:



If you see any suspicious activity on or around the scaffolding, please contact the police on 101 then contact the Breyer Group. Should this be during the working hours please contact the site team otherwise we would ask you call our Emergency out of Hours Line 0800 389 9706.


Working Hours

Our working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. It is unlikely that we will need to do any work in the evenings or at weekends. If we ever do need to work unusual hours, we will seek the permission of Lambeth Council and we will let you know if it affects you or your home before we start work. We have a site office compound on Aquinas Street, SE1 8AD, for any immediate concerns.


Here to Help...

Resident Liaison Officer

Joell Reid

T: 07849 399 246



Site Manager

Graham Beauchamp

T: 07849 399 243



Site Office Location:Aquinas Street, London, SE1 8AD

Out-of-hours number: 0800 389 9706