Progress to date

Frederick Crescent - No.2, No.6, No.8, No.10, No.12, No.14, No.18, No.20, No.22, No.26, No.30, No.31, No.32 and No.37. Scaffolding-dependent works are complete and scaffolding has been removed.


Block No.45 to No.51- Scaffolding is erected, roof repairs have been carried out and windows are to be installed shortly.


Langton Road - No.12, No.14, No.16, No.20, No.22, No.24, No.26, No.28, No.32, No.36, No.38. Work to homes at ground level is in progress. Scaffolding-dependent work is complete and scaffolding has been removed.


No.23, No.25, No.37 and No.47. Majority of scaffolding-dependent works are complete; homes are currently awaiting installation of windows.


Patmos Road – No.1, No.3, No.7, No.9, No.11, No.13, No.15. Work to these homes is in progress at ground level. Scaffolding-dependent work has been complete and scaffolding has been removed.


No.29, No.32, No.35, No.37, No.39, No.43. Scaffolding has been erected to these homes and pre-works surveys are being carried out.


Tindal Street - No.2, No.10, No.12, No. 14, No.18, No.20. Scaffolding-dependent work to these homes is complete and scaffolding has been removed. Ground level works are in progress.


No.26 Scaffolding has been erected to the building and work to the roof will begin shortly.

Tindal Street - No.16. Work that needed scaffolding is complete. Scaffolding has been removed and work at ground level is in progress.


Myatt Road – No1, No.24, No28, No. 29, No.34, No.36

Scaffolding has been removed and work is being carried out at ground level. No 5, No.17 and No.19 will have scaffolding removed shortly. No.31, No.33, No.35, No.37, No.39, No.41, No.43 and No.45 have had scaffolding erected and work is in progress.


Front entrance doors

As Lambeth Council has let you know, as part of the LHS programme we are overhauling and redecorating front entrance doors to tenanted homes that open onto street level. Residents are being provided with a colour choice for their front door.


We are also renewing front entrance doors to tenanted properties where the door opens onto a communal area that is part of an emergency exit route. This is to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.


Identification and hi-vis

All of our contractors are required to wear Breyer Group uniform and will also be wearing numbered hi-visibility vests so that they are easily identifiable on site. If you have any callers to your home without the proper identification, do not let them into your home.


Please be reminded that the scaffolding outside your home is in use Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you feel at any point during the day you may be put in a compromising position by workmen outside your window, we advise that you close your curtains/blinds.


Email for questions/queries

Breyer Group’s email address for any residents’ issues or questions is:



Residents are reminded that for health and safety reasons any children living with you, or visiting your home, are not allowed to go on to, or climb the scaffolding to your home. This is of particular concern over the school summer holiday period.


If you see any suspicious activity on or around the scaffolding to your home, please contact the police on 101 and contact the Breyer Group. If this is during working hours please contact the site team, otherwise please call our Emergency out of Hours Line 0800 389 9706


Working Hours

Our working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. It is unlikely that we will need to do any work in the evenings or at weekends. If we ever do need to work unusual hours, we will seek the permission of Lambeth Council and we will let you know if it affects you or your home before we start work. We have a site office compound on Evandale Road, SW9 6SX, for any immediate concerns.