The aim of these newsletters is to keep you informed about the progress of Lambeth’s works to renew and upgrade homes to meet the Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS).


Progress to date

  • Pre-condition survey visits are underway in Akerman Road, Foxley Road and Loughborough Road; if you are still awaiting your appointment, please contact Marie (Resident Liaison Officer) on details below.
  • Scaffold erection ongoing
  • Roof works and general repairs started in Akerman Road where scaffolds have been inspected and handed over.
  • Baily Garner is currently carrying out surveys to schedule out all required repairs to each property.


Security - Scaffolding

Inspection of scaffolding by The Breyer Group is undertaken on a weekly basis. If, however, you notice or are  aware of any suspicious behaviour including unauthorised access or problems relating to the scaffolding, please do not hesitate to contact The Breyer Group Site Team using the details given overleaf, or if the Site is closed, then contact the police. As you are probably aware, schools will break up for the School holidays and we would ask you to speak to your children and those who may be visiting, to warn them of the dangers of climbing on the scaffolding. Please also note that no members of the public are allowed on the scaffolding at any time.


Our scaffold should only be accessed by trained persons because working at height is a high risk task.

Accessing the scaffold without permission is legally considered as trespassing.

The majority of falls from scaffold result in serious injury or fatality.


We would be grateful if, as a resident, you report any incidents of unauthorised scaffold access as soon as you are able and that you:

  • discuss this matter with any children that live with you or are in your care and tell them not to climb the scaffold
  • ensure that the children of any visitors are advised not to climb the scaffold and are aware of the dangers
  • emphasise the dangers of climbing the scaffold particularly as children  break up from school for their holidays


Please ensure you make your home insurance provider aware that there is a scaffold currently in place on your building.


Satellite dishes

  • If you have a satellite TV dish, contractors will remove it from the building and attach it to the scaffolding until the works are finished.
  • If your dish is damaged at any point during the removal we cannot take responsibility.
  • If residents prefer to remove their dish for safe storage, we encourage them to do this before we start works on site.

We would like to apologise in advance if you receive any TV signal loss during the works. Please let The Breyer Group or the Lambeth Council LHS project team know if you lose your TV signal.

If you have anything stored against an outside wall of the building, or within a metre of it, please clear it to a safe place before the LHS works. Clear access will prevent delays in putting up the scaffolding and in the works.Personal items (including plants/Shrubs)


If you have any plants or shrubs that may be affected by the position of the scaffolding we would encourage you to replant/move these for the duration of the work. Lambeth Council/ The Breyer Group will not take any responsibility for damage to these items.


Please contact the team if you need help to move any heavy items.


Working hours

The Breyer Group working hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. It is unlikely that we will ever need to do any work in the evening or at weekends. If we do, The Breyers Group will seek the permission of Lambeth Council beforehand and we will let you know if it affects you or your home.


We will have a site office compound on Evandale Road, SW9 6SX until the works are finished.


Here to Help...

Resident Liaison Officer

Marie Ozowa

T: 07539 215 628



Site Manager

Ian Shuttleworth

T: 07957 586 865



Site Office Location:Car park in front of Sackett House, Cowley Estate.

Out-of-hours number: 0800 389 9706