These newsletters are to keep you informed about the progress of the Lambeth Capital works project on your street and to make sure you’ve plenty of opportunity to get involved.


Progress to date

Since the erection of scaffolding we’ve completed 80% of the necessary brick work repairs identified. The overhaul and repair of windows is still in-progress with thirteen properties still to do.

We’ve been unable to gain access to quite a few properties which has delayed our programme and achieving 100% access is crucial not only to do the windows but also to check if chimney flues are being used before repairing the chimney stacks.


If you’ve not been able to give access please contact our liaison officer Mary Lesporis or site manager Danny Nicholls (see adjacent)



We are unable to scaffold the remaining properties within the project until Baily Garner LLP have served Party Wall Awards which will facilitate necessary repairs to the shared roof top wind walls and chimney stacks; we dearly hope to restart scaffolding  by the end of July.




To continue the delivery of this project we needed to relocate our operative’s welfare facilities and site office to the corner of Aquinas and Coin Street. To do this we’ve had to suspend two parking bays and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused in doing this.