Welcome to the Breyer Group newsletter for Kitchens

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for your help so far with the project. Below are information and reminders that will be of benefit to you.

Safety & Security

Please remember that construction sites can be dangerous places. Please advise all family members and visitors to your home that scaffolding, site compounds and other work areas should not be accessed. If you see anyone in these areas over night or during the weekends please contact the Police in the first instance.

If you receive unexpected visitors to your home during the works, claiming to be from Breyer Group or any of our contractors, please ask for ID. If you are still unsure please contact the site team on this newsletter (listed on the right), and we will be able to assist you.


What takes place before we start your kitchen?

One of our surveyors will make contact with you to arrange an appointment to visit to carry out a survey to your kitchen, they will ascertain exactly what materials are required to get the job done, they will also bring along a colour chart for you to pick from which will be;                                            

  • Worktop & unit colour                    
  • Tile colour
  • Wall colour
  • Floor colour

What works are included?

Firstly, a works sequence will be handed to you 1 week prior to us starting by one of our resident liaison officers. This will advise you on how we sequence each individual element of works, we will also advise you of our completion timeframes and what is to be expected ensuring you’re completely geared up for the upcoming events.

Kitchen works – Durations 10 working days

  • Lay floor protection
  • Complete rip out
  • Electrical upgrade, including smoke detectors and strip lighting
  • Extractor fan fitted if there is sufficient space
  • Making good or plastering if required
  • Kitchen units/worktops fitted
  • Existing boxing replaced if necessary (we do not fit boxing if not already existing)
  • Tile above worktop (3 courses high) + behind cooker
  • Decorations
  • Lay selected vinyl flooring
  • Sealant works
  • Final inspection carried out by management and snags completed

Throughout the works your main point of contact is your dedicated resident liaison officer who you can call between our working hours 8am-5pm who will assist with your day to day queries regarding the works taking place to your property.

Site management will also be making regular visits throughout the refurbishment to ensure quality & health and safety expectations are adhered to.

Additional Information

In partnership with Breyer Group, Clarion Housing values and promotes the following:

CommunicationMajor Works – What You Need to Know

Health & SafetyContractors Site Rules

Diversity - Diversity Best Practise Guide

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Here to Help...

Maciej Lesniewski

Maciej Lesniewski

Site Manager


Our site team are available between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday should you have any questions or queries.


Safety information...

Please ensure that children and pets do not run-free in the vicinity of the works. It is always our aim to complete the works to the satisfaction of all concerned. We are fully aware this can be achieved with the full support and co-operation of everyone.

We would request that you follow and comply with any safety information given by any Breyer Group operatives.