We'd like to thank you all for your help so far with the project. Below please find information and some important reminders.

Breyer Group

Firstly let me introduce us. We began our contract with Affinity Sutton in September 2014 and will be working with them over the next few years to carry out various refurbishments to many of their properties. Crundale Tower and Bekesbourne Tower are among the first to be completed.

Safety and Security

Please remember that construction sites can be dangerous places. Please let all family members and visitors to your home know that the scaffold, the site compound and other work areas shouldn't be accessed. If you see anyone in these areas over night or during the weekends please contact the police.

If you receive unexpected visitors to your home during the works claiming to be from the Breyer Group or any of our contractors, please ask for ID. If you're still unsure please contact the site team on the number on this newsletter and we'll be able to assist you.


All properties in both blocks will be having overall repairs to the windows. These works started on 20 May 2015 in Crundale Tower and on 27 May 2015 in Bekesbourne Tower. Internal access is needed and you'll need to clear window areas and take down curtains and window coverings.

If you haven't already done so, please contact Carlo, your RLO, on 07976 700 186 to arrange a convenient appointment for your window survey.

Please try to be available at the agreed time to avoid any unnecessary delays to the programme.

External Works

You'll be pleased to know the roof works are now complete. Concrete repairs to external of block, and decoration and surfacing work to balconies is ongoing. Thank you all for clearing your balconies and for your continued cooperation during the works.

Community Project

Our motto is "building communities - improving lives". For each contract we look for ways to carry out projects within the community to reflect that aim.

We'll be joining the Priory School for their community fun day on 11 July 2015. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Thank you for your ongoing co-operation.