Breyer Group Sponsors Trip to Leigh-on Sea

Just before completing the roof to Dora Hall Community Centre, Breyer Group was approached by Children’s Services, Tower Hamlets to sponsor a day trip for its young people.

For many it was a dream to go to a beach. So in the spirit of goodwill Breyer Roofing (Part of Breyer Group), funded a coach which took all the children, their parents and volunteers for their first time to nearby Leigh-on-Sea where they spent the day playing on the beach, building sandcastles and swimming in the sea.

“It was a great day, the weather was glorious for us, and would never be able to take so many children on public transport.” Katie Adkins, Director of Enterprise.

Comments from some of the children included:

"I loved everything at the beach. I got really wet and saw some crabs!" Ihsaan, aged 7yrs.

"Today was my favourite day; I didn't want to go home. I dug a big hole with Sebastian, and then fell in it" Anthony, aged 6.5yrs

"My favourite part was splashing - I and Yacob had a water fight!" Jaid, aged 11yrs

What made the day even more memorable for the children of Dora Hall were the lifeguards who joined in with the children on the beach and allowed them to sit in their Canoes.