Presenting Yourself to a Prospective Employer

When competition for jobs is fierce it is crucial that applicants find a way to stand out from the crowd but for the right reasons!

In partnership with Highbury School and on behalf of Islington Council, Breyer Group participated in their annual ‘Presenting Yourself Day’ which aims to guide students through an employability skills workshop and how to present themselves to a prospective employer.

Throughout the day, Paula Arkell-Waller, Breyer Group’s Employment and Training Officer dedicated her time to helping students gain the confidence to showcase their skills and talents to prospective employers. This included all areas of the recruitment process starting from applying for a position to how to conduct themselves during an interview.

Islington Council’s School Liaison Officer, Diana James. “Thank you Breyer yet again, for contributing to making the Highbury Fields Apprenticeship Fair a marvellous success.”

“From personal experience of interviewing and recruiting young people, these types of initiatives are invaluable and essential in bridging the gap between school and the world of work.”  Roy Ramrutton, Marketing and Community Investment Manager, Breyer Group.