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    Breyer Renew

    We have considerable experience in this sector having installed energy-efficiency measures in over 10,000 homes in the last three years alone.


Breyer Renew is our specialist environmental and sustainability division. Established five years ago in response to rising demand for renewable energy solutions, and to meet changing government targets imposed on both new-build and refurbishment projects, Renew has brought our retrofit and green energy programmes under one roof.

The UK is legally committed to obtain 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 to help attain its energy security and carbon reduction objectives.  We aim to go above and beyond compliance with industry standards and deliver renewable schemes that provide our residents with access to affordable, energy-efficient homes, improve their comfort and wellbeing, and reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings they live in.

We have considerable experience in this sector having installed energy-efficiency measures in over 10,000 homes in the last three years alone.


Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology to older buildings to improve their sustainability and energy performance. We have considerable experience of the funding, design, supply, installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring of retrofit programmes but one of the unique reasons for our success has been our close cooperation with our residents and our clients. This integrated approach also benefits the involvement of all other participants in our programmes including the distribution network operators, energy suppliers, Ofgem, planning, building control, and our supply chain.

Through Breyer Renew, we have delivered both microgeneration projects (smaller-scale generation of power for individuals, small businesses and communities to meet their own needs), and renewable energy installations including biomass boilers, combined heat and power engines, air-source heat pumps, mechanical heat recovery, solar PV and solar thermal systems as stand-alone systems. We have also delivered environmental improvement programmes with solid wall, cavity wall and loft insulation.

We have all the necessary resource within Breyer Renew to meet the specific needs of our clients and residents. Our survey, technical and design expertise, and our procurement and commercial expertise are second to none. We can offer clients funding leverage advice, as well as energy monitoring and reporting. Our residents can enjoy the reassurance of our friendly and technically competent call centre, our high-quality maintenance and monitoring, and our superb aftercare.  


As a forward-looking constructor, a large element of our work involves the selection and management of our supply chain to complement our increasing pool of directly employed labour.

Our supply chain structure includes specialists, subcontractors, suppliers, merchants, manufacturers of materials, goods and plant as well as consultants and sub-consultants.

The management of our supply chain is an ongoing process which ensures that we are always well placed to research and respond to formal tender opportunities and the ever changing needs of our residents and clients. We incorporate performance reviews so that as projects move from the inception to feasibility stage, we know that our pre-construction and delivery teams are serviced by a dedicated, properly audited and resourced supply chain, and as such are fully equipped to deliver our projects.

Retrofit projects and ECO funding

ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) is a government initiative that places obligation on energy suppliers to improve energy efficiency in homes. We have direct access to this funding and will advise on and maximise your properties’ eligibility for this subsidy.

Projects we have delivered include the following energy-efficiency measures:

  • solar photovoltaics
  • solar thermal systems
  • wind power
  • water attenuation
  • sustainable urban drainage (SUDs)
  • green and brown roof/wall installations
  • biomass boilers
  • biomass fuels
  • combined heat and power engines
  • air-source heat pumps
  • mechanical heat recovery
  • gas central heating
  • gas boiler upgrades
  • fuel switching
  • electric vehicle charging posts
  • solid wall insulation
  • cavity wall insulation (including ‘hard-to-treat’ properties)
  • loft insulation
  • internal wall insulation
  • external wall insulation

External wall insulation example

Using external wall insulation (EWI) we can retrofit an entire insulation system by completely cladding the existing envelope of a building. This can be achieved even if the building is occupied during winter and the products used are temperature dependent.

Any communications, satellite systems, telephone lines and household amenities are maintained and re-fixed to the building on completion of the works. EWI can be installed with minimal external fixtures and the majority can be concealed beneath the insulation panels. Insulation can be further improved with the addition of powder-coated double-glazed windows and the cosmetic appearance of the building enhanced with additions such as Juliette balconies.

Importantly we keep disruption to residents to a minimum through close liaison between our site management and operational staff. The resultant benefits include a major reduction in residents’ energy bills and a much improved appearance to the outside of the building.

Our experience ranges from large-scale, high-rise urban regeneration programmes to standalone street property refurbishment projects.

Projects involving the delivery of retrofit works that we have worked on over the past three years broadly fall into four groups.

For further details please view the following case studies:

Stand-alone street property retrofits:

Large-scale, high-rise urban regeneration retrofits:

External Wall Insulation retrofits:

Solar photovoltaics (PV) retrofits:

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  • Dartford Borough Council