Breyer Group is Shortlisted for Excellence in Digital Engagement Award, 2015

“Getting online is part and parcel of 21st century life and being able to confidently use the internet is essential for work today. Universal Credit is a major cultural change in the way people receive and access support. We are putting the internet at the heart of our reforms to encourage and help claimants develop their online skills.

Internet access and support is available through Jobcentre Plus and the Digital Deal is bringing the latest technology and community groups together to break the digital barrier.” Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform.

Some of the population are more at risk of being digitally excluded as they do not have any IT, internet access or online skills and in some instances, lack all 3.

Charities/Social Enterprises desperately need more IT equipment to provide digital access and appropriate training programmes for these people. Therefore, to reduce digital exclusion and support local charities and social enterprises we have developed Breyer Group's Digital Inclusion Programme. We are always looking at ways in which we can positively affect peoples' lives and will work to continually evolve and enhance this Programme.

An increase in digital capabilities can reduce crime, increase employment and raise awareness for various disadvantaged residents.

At Breyer Group we recognise the enormous impact which can be made and we have proactively sought out charities who share our goals and who would benefit significantly from our Digital Inclusion Programme. We are determined to increase digital accessibility and to transform lives.

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