Breyer Group Partners with Recolight to Recycle Electrical Equipment

We take responsibility for the impact that our business has on the environment and are committed to maintain and improve the environment both locally and globally.

Although no longer required by legislation, we operate Site Waste Management Plans to oversee the minimisation and recovery of waste. Through our Site Waste Management Programme and our relationship with Buildbase, we have partnered with Recolight, the UK’s specialist WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliance scheme for the lighting industry.

Recolight is a not-for profit enterprise and was established in 2005 to reduce the amount of electrical equipment that would normally end up in landfill.

Recolight has recycled more lamps and lumieres than any other UK scheme preventing 800kg of mercury from entering landfill sites. What this means to Breyer is that we are moving closer to achieving our commitment to zero waste to Landfill.

We are now providing the means for recycling WEEE items on-site alongside our on-going relationship with the National Community Wood Recycling Project where we recycled 78% of waste timber during 2014. Timber waste including roofing battens, timber windows, cladding and fencing is collected by the National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP).  The timber is recovered for a variety of uses including sale, use by community groups and woodchip. In 2014 we disposed of 283 tonnes through this route.  NCWRP has recovered 8,000 tonnes and created 150 sustainable jobs in Social Enterprise.

We have also partnered with PowerDay as our General Waste Handlers. Powerday are responsible for Waste Segregation and Recycling. In Quarter 4 (2014) PowerDay recovered 98.8% of our General Waste from Landfill.

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