Breyer Group Blood Donation Scheme: Giving Blood to Save Lives

This initiative is being supported by Breyer Group and with 8,000 units of blood needed every day to meet hospital demand The Board of Directors gave blood at Harold Hill Community Centre on Friday 3rd July 2015 knowing their contribution could help as many as 3 people per donation.

Donated blood is a lifeline for many people needing long term treatments. It is predominantly used to treat cancer and blood diseases, as well as for treating anaemia and in surgeries for transplants and burns.

Blood donations are essential and without volunteers like Warren Hand, Neil Watts and John Walsh, many medical procedures we take for granted could not occur.

Doctors, surgeons and our healthcare system rely on donations so that lifesaving/enhancing treatments can be carried out.

“Being of a rare blood group myself I believe it is important that we take time out to donate to keep the blood banks at healthy levels”. Warren Hand, Roofing Director. Breyer Group

“This is my first time, but already I am booked in for my next donation! Unfortunately there is a high demand for blood donations so I hopefully my contribution will significantly help others who are in need.” Neil Watts, Responsive Repairs Director. Breyer Group

Whilst giving blood, the nurses were telling me of very unfortunate stories where people had lost life due to various circumstances and with what’s happening in the world at present it is even more important to make this donation. John Walsh, Construction Director. Breyer Group

To read some amazing stories where donors have saved the lives of others please also visit:

To learn more about how your donation will be used to benefit others, please visit the Give Blood Website

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