A day in the life of a B-Line Operative

When does your day start? My day begins at 7:00am when I switch on my PDA, and then make a cup of tea whilst I wait for my first job for the day.  My daily jobs automatically load one after the other and are scheduled by our Administrators at Head Office.


What time do you leave home?  By 7.45 I am on the road, as I am a Havering resident the commute is nice and short!


Do you need to go to your office every morning? Because the system is automated and the jobs are received directly on the hand held device, I can arrive on site at my first appointment by 8.00am, without having to go to Head Office.


What do you do when you arrive at the resident’s property? On my arrival, of which the resident has been made aware via SMS, I knock or ring the door bell and greet the resident displaying my ID badge; this reassures them of who I am before they let me into their home.


Do you complete the repair all the time?  The majority of my jobs are completed on the first visit; these are then signed off as completed on my PDA by the resident, followed by a simple Yes/No satisfaction survey to ensure they are happy with the works.   However, should there be any unforeseen complications, I fully explain what this could be to the resident so that they are aware, and rebook a convenient appointment whilst on site: this allows the resident to factor in any personal commitments that they may have (doctor, shopping, etc.). When this occurs I have the back office support of my Supervisor and Customer Service Advisors (CSA) who help me determine the most efficient way forward.  Like me, most my colleagues live and work in the borough, so we are part of and understand our local community.


What is it like working in Breyer B-Line? I am one of three Electricians on the contract to service the trade. Life at Breyer Group is always varied and there is never a dull moment, especially as we complete around 2500 jobs a month.


Are you busy all day and do you get a break?  Each day is different and my lunch break tends to fall wherever the breaks in the service allow – but I enjoy being busy and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Have you ever had any remarkable experience at work?  One day I arrived at a property to change the smoke alarm, but ended up calling the ambulance service for an elderly resident, followed by a trip to the local boarding kennel to ensure that her beloved dog was cared for while she was in hospital; we operatives are not averse to going above and beyond!


What time do you finish work?  Work finishes at 5.00pm – or when the last job has been completed.

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