It’s 10s across the board for this Resident Satisfaction Survey!

We recently carried out roofing works at Carshalton in Surrey and the resident kindly returned our Resident Satisfaction Survey with 10/10 for all categories, along with a comment – ‘Thank you – great service and to Jo for keeping me updated at all times’.

As a bit of background to this, our RLO Joanna, sent out an introduction letter and booklet introducing the company and explaining what the works entailed. The Resident called in to book in a pre-condition survey, arranged a time and date that suited her as she works throughout the week. We carried out a pre-condition survey, the resident mentioned she works most of the time so access may be difficult. Jo assured her we would give her plenty of notice before works begin and we will re-schedule if she could not give access.

We sent our scaffold erection notices and once the scaffolding was up we arranged for the asbestos soffits to be removed and Jo notified the resident when this will be going ahead. The roofing works were then scheduled in for the following week, so let the resident know the start date for this and explained what they will be doing each day and how long it would take.

The resident was very grateful that Jo had kept her up to date, so she kindly allowed us to put the materials for her and her neighbours roof and the skip in her front garden. The resident told the roofers they could leave some of the rubbish bags from a neighbouring property in her front garden until the skip arrived. Jo called her to thank her and assured her I would get it removed as soon as possible, whilst I was on the phone she asked for the guttering to be checked and she explained to her that they have not finished the guttering yet and needed to wait for the scaffolding to come down before they could finish them. She also let her know when the scaffolding was due to come down and arranged for the roofers to go back and finish the guttering in the afternoon on the same day as the scaffolding. 

Once all works were carried out Jo phoned the resident to make sure she was happy with the works and asked for any feedback, she said she was very happy with all the workers and the site team and she did not have any complaints. She then thanked Jo for keeping her updated throughout the works and said she would definitely recommend us to anyone looking for roofing contractors.

Jo said that she thinks it is very important that when you first meet the resident you build a good relationship with them as this will make the resident feel at ease throughout the works. Jo lets the residents know that she will try her hardest to work with them so that the works will not affect their day-today life. Jo always keeps the residents up to date all the way through the works, when there are delays and the schedule changes at last minute it is very important the resident is aware of what is going on. When the resident had any issues I listened, investigated and then acted.

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