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Breyer Roofing team continue to deliver

Breyer Roofing team continue to deliver high level of customer satisfaction and   were delighted to receive and to share the below comments from resident Current customer overall  satisfaction 95.5%.

Breyer Swindon team

CM Jon Davies
QS Mark Plant
SM  Catalin Pricope
RLO Anna Pearson
"I wanted to pass on some feedback for the recent roofing work carried out at my house.

Work such as this can be quite intrusive to day to day living given the time it takes and the close proximity the team need to work in, given their task. However, I found the team to be not only polite and courteous but also respectful of where they working. They were so hard working and just got on with the job in hand, which must have been quite difficult, given how hot it was at the time. They were also happy to answer any questions and always came across as happy in their work.

Good customer service is also key and Anna Pearson delivered this in spades! She always kept me updated and was so easy to liaise with. I am often very busy in my own job so it was great that we could also text any necessary information and keep in touch that way. Being a bit nosy and curious, we had a simple question about some of the work and instead of Anna trying to answer it herself, she arranged for the supervisor to pop round and sure enough 30 minutes later he arrived. He not only answered our query but also showed us what he meant to ensure we fully understood.

I can see that as a company, customer service is important to you all and I thank you for a fantastic service!"
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