Breyer Group Achieves Love Your Community Gold Award

We are delighted to be the first organisations to gain the recently launched Love Your Community quality mark.

The Love Your Community quality mark was developed by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) to recognise organisations that have shown real commitment to engaging with local communities.

This quality mark successfully shows that we consider how to engage with communities at all stages of the business cycle and have achieved a Gold Award.

As a ‘Gold’ organisational award holder, we can display the quality mark for a period of 3 years. The Award demonstrates that we have a track record of working successfully in communities and have made meaningful and sustainable contributions to the quality of life for individuals and the wider community. 

Our submission was carefully reviewed by a panel of experts from the community, business and commissioning sectors:  Richard Mason, Senior Manager, Community and Corporate Responsibility, Asda; Trewin Restorick, CEO and Founder of Hubbub; Alison Seabrooke, Chief Executive, Community Development Foundation; Nick Temple, Deputy Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK; Mark Walton, Co-founder and Executive  Director, Shared Assets.

The Panel commented:

“We were impressed by the depth of commitment demonstrated by Breyer Group to delivering social and economic value to their communities.  In many cases, this went well beyond just doing ‘business as usual’.  It was also encouraging to see that they were seeing their community engagement work as an ongoing process of continuous improvement”.   

“The process was assuringly robust, specific and identified areas where we excelled, but more importantly it identified that we can become even better. This self-audit will ensure that we don’t rest on our laurels and that we continue providing high quality, meaningful and effective investment in areas where it is needed most” Breyer Group’s Community Development Manager, Roy Ramrutton

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