Ready for the Big Thaw!

Ready for the Big Thaw


After a week of freezing temperatures we know to expect emergency call outs when Frozen pipes burst.


With the thaw forecast for the weekend of 3rd and 4th March it was essential that we made arrangements to have extra teams on standby.


At our Dartford contract supervisors Nick Wyatt and Anthony Percy reported for work on Saturday to co-ordinate our repairs operatives on standby.


We were called out to 4 properties all of which had major pipe bursts, in each case we successfully repaired the burst, tested/isolated electrical supplies and carried out a clean-up of collapsed ceilings.  We assessed damage ready to return the following week to make good plastering and decorations.


On Monday we were delighted to return to work and see the following acknowledgement from our Client:




Please pass our thanks on to Nick Wyatt, Anthony Percy and their teams for their efforts over this weekend.


Them acting quickly and dealing with the flooded properties means that our Tenants will be able to return to their homes much quicker with as little disruption as possible.




Maintenance Manager

Dartford Borough Council

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