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Dementia-Friendly Decorating

31 October 2023
Dementia-Friendly Decorating

Taking our residents’ needs into consideration is key to delivering a quality result with high satisfaction. This is particularly true where residents have specific needs, which is why we took a particularly resident-focused approach at Leach Court where we used dementia-friendly colour schemes for those living there.

Before redecorating the flats, we hosted two open mornings in the community room at Leach Court, allowing residents to consult on colour choices from a brochure tailored to the needs of those with dementia. We also invited residents to contact the scheme manager with their choice of colours for the communal areas, based on a selection of paint colour swatches, which showed how the paint colour would look on the walls.

 Caley Brosnan, Senior Site Manager on this project, adds:

“While colour selection may seem like a minor detail, it really can make a difference to everyday life for residents. In one of the schemes at Leach Court we used a different colour palette on each floor to help residents that aren’t able to recall the floor number they live on but can remember the wall colour outside their flat.

“We also use colour schemes to help residents identify any intrusions and extrusions on a broad wall. By adding a feature colour in these places, residents and visitors with visual impairments are able to spot any upcoming hazards. Also, we often feature a change of colour on doglegs and stair nosings at the top and bottom of a staircase. This helps to reduce any miss-steps as residents use the staircase.”