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    Social Value, what this means to us

    We are passionate about improving the lives of local people and have expert officers out in the field who work closely alongside communities to create better places to live and a committed enthusiastic Community Investment Team who will stop at nothing to make a difference.

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    Employment and Training: Providing Opportunities, Enhancing Life Chances

    Our main goal is to provide people with the skills, experience and confidence required to achieve their individual career goals.

    We have a great deal of experience in providing both on-the-job and accredited training that is tailored to suit the individual’s needs and circumstances. This is through work experience placements, traineeships, apprenticeships or a combination of all three.


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    ASB Tactics, Creating a Safe Community for all Residents

    ASB diversionary tactics are a major part of our community investment strategy. We believe it is important to provide positive and engaging activities for young people. Our strategy is to listen to our clients and residents, involve them from the outset and empower them to make their area a better place to live.

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    Community Facility Regeneration

    A community centre plays a major part in fostering community cohesion and allows the development of recreational, cultural and personal relations of members from the local community.

    Utilising resources from our very own Community Legacy Fund and with assistance from local residents, we have refurbished several community centres across London.


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    Engaging Events for our Residents

    Through our events we aim to reduce barriers and strengthen the community spirit of our residents. We aim to highlight the positive contribution local people can make to the community and where possible we will provide young people with employability skills they need to secure employment.


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    Environmental Initiatives

    We at Breyer Group are always looking at ways in which we can reduce our impact, maintain and protect natural resources and enhance open spaces.


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    Breyer Group Apprentice of the Year Awards 2014/15

    Apprentice Hall of Fame 2014/15. Our cohort of Breyer Apprentices who attended our 1st Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony where we celebrated their achievements and our successes.

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    Changing Lives Through Apprenticeships

    Roy Ramrutton and Managing Director, Tim Breyer presenting at Affinity Sutton's Apprenticeship event, Changing Lives Through Apprenticeships

Social value

The Social Value Act came into force on 31 January 2013 and is all about maximising the impact of public expenditure and providing you with greater life opportunities and prospects.

We were delivering social value long before it became a legal requirement to do so. For example, we have always looked at innovative ideas that add extra value to the service we provide. This includes:

  • supporting local employment by providing apprenticeship opportunities, giving careers advice in schools and offering work experience to young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) and the long-term unemployed
  • supporting additional economic growth, offering mentoring and business support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the local area
  • providing volunteering opportunities for staff, allowing them to contribute to local community projects

For more examples of where we have added value to our service please visit the tabs located above.

ASB tactics

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of behaviour, such as damaging the environment, low-level disputes and clashes of life-style, or causing serious nuisance to others. Tackling antisocial behaviour is a major part of our community investment strategy. We are committed to providing positive and engaging activities for young people.

Please click on the links below to read more about some of the projects we have recently delivered. Alternatively view the short Love2dance video below or visit our case study library (ASB Tactics).

If you have any ideas for new activities or are interested in volunteering with us please contact us by email at 

Community facility regeneration

Community centres play a major part in strengthening local communities. They provide a place in which our residents can meet regularly and get to know one another.

Please visit our case studies library for some examples where we have regenerated or provided a facelift to local community centres to help bring people together.

Case study examples include:

We are continuing to expand our network of partners with the likes of Build-It Lambeth and Habitat for Humanity. It is these types of partnerships that enable us to provide resources to those who would benefit from it the most.

Helping the vulnerable

In extreme circumstances we may intervene to support particularly vulnerable residents. Here are examples where we have supported an individual household. Please click on the links below or visit our case study library to read more about these particular cases.


Community engagement events

We put on a wide range of events from community fun days to resident conferences and coffee mornings (including the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support).

These events help us remain in close contact with our residents throughout the programme of works and ensure that we make a positive difference within the local and wider community whilst we deliver our clients programme.

Through our events we aim to:

  • reduce barriers and strengthen the community spirit of our residents.
  • highlight the positive contribution local people can make to the community
  • provide young people with employability skills

Our events are resident led and we provide the support and resource needed to ensure they achieve their goals. You will find examples of our events within the Events Timeline within Resident Engagement.

Planning a community event? Our resident liaison team is on hand to assist you in the planning of a local event on your estate. We can help you in a number of ways, and would be more than happy to assist you. For more information or if you have an event that is close to one of our sites please contact your local resident liaison officer.



At Breyer Group we are always looking at ways in which we can do more using less natural resource. Regardless of the activity we are always looking into ways of:

  • reducing our impact on the environment
  • maintaining and protect natural resources
  • enhancing open spaces

To help us achieve these targets we work with a variety of companies and some of our partners include:

In 2014, we recycled 61 tonnes from 78 tonnes of site waste timber. This timber has been put to good use by helping to create sustainable jobs or re-used (where previously it would be landfilled or at very best down cycled into woodchip).


Case Studies