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    Providing Opportunities, Enhancing Life Chances

    We have a great deal of experience in providing both on-the-job and accredited training that is tailored to suit the individual’s needs and circumstances. This is through work experience placements, traineeships, apprenticeships or a combination of all three.


Employment & training

Our aim is to provide people with the skills, experience and confidence required to achieve their individual career goals. Below are the names of some case studies which will provide you with flavour of what we do and how we add value through our contracts.


Work Experience

Through our partnerships with DWP and various Job Centre’s we offer tailored Work Experience placements to those looking to develop their skills, experience and confidence. Placements tend to range between four and eight weeks (up to 30hrs per week). The following two videos will provide you with an overview from us as an employer and from Nathalie who applied for a placement through Romford Job Centre Plus.


Now in its third year, our work experience programme has produced several candidates like Nathalie who are now directly employed by our company.



We have been providing apprenticeships since 2008 and we are achieving an extremely high completion rate of 92%. To-date we have delivered over 100 completed apprenticeship frameworks ranging from level one up to level three across a range of trade and non-trade disciplines (Business Administration, Customer Care, Accountancy, I.T. & Quantity Surveying).

In 2013, Breyer Group was shortlisted alongside ITV for Apprenticeship Employer of the Year and our in-house apprenticeship programme was highly commended by the National Apprenticeship Service.

As an apprentice working for Breyer Group, you can expect to receive:

  • training to industry standards, if not higher
  • choice of Intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships
  • training that will satisfy your career aspirations as well as the needs of the company
  • continuous support, encouragement and career development from an experienced mentor
  • progression routes into employment or higher education (Post Apprenticeship programme)
  • access to our Employee Assistance Programme
  • starting salary: National Minimum Wage
  • training from highly rated Ofsted Training providers

A unique part of our apprenticeship programme is that mentoring of apprentices continues past the apprenticeship stage and well into employment. This will encourage graduates into sustainable long-term employment, whether this employment is with the Breyer Group or other contractors.

We are very proud that the quality of our apprentices has contributed to the growth, overall profitability and culture of Breyer Group.

Here are some of the training providers we work with:

During National Apprenticeship Week we took part in an interview with local radio station, Time FM during which Employment and Training Officer, Paula Arkwell-Waller & IT apprentice, Jay King talked about apprenticeship opportunities available within Breyer Group.

For more details regarding our Apprenticeship Programme, please visit Breyer Groups YouTube Channel; contact a member of our Community Investment Team or visit our case study section, in particular the Employment and Training Section. Alternatively please click here.

Case Studies