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    Providing Opportunities, Enhancing Life Chances

    We have a great deal of experience in providing both on-the-job and accredited training that is tailored to suit the individual’s needs and circumstances. This is through work experience placements, traineeships, apprenticeships or a combination of all three.


Employment, Training and Apprenticeships

We support young people and others in developing their skills through our Construction Academy which provides 8-week programmes where individual receive work experience as well as basic skills and training such as CSCS and Asbestos Awareness. Advice on careers within Construction is also provided, enabling them to better find work and transition into the workplace. Individuals also benefit from one to one mentoring.

We also offer candidates work experience and are able to offer those graduating as Apprentices roles at Breyer in the long term; with a portfolio of existing and varied projects across London, the South-east and further afield this can be close to their home location.


We have been providing apprenticeships since 2008 across a range of trade and non-trade disciplines (Business Administration, Customer Care, Accountancy, IT & Quantity Surveying).
A unique part of our apprenticeship programme is that mentoring of apprentices continues past the apprenticeship stage and well into employment. This encourages graduates into sustainable long-term employment, whether this employment is with the Breyer Group or other contractors.

Digital Literacy

Working jointly with The Breyer Foundation and our partners Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) we deliver an holistic approach to bridging the digital divide our partnership which aims to take a more holistic approach to bridging the digital divide acknowledging that being able to access services digitally can assist in reducing fuel and energy poverty and improve employment opportunities.
We assist local groups in providing IT equipment and training. We offer the opportunity for individuals to become Digital Champions who can support others in their community through their example and by providing advice and localised training.

Case Studies