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    London Borough of Wandsworth

    Value: £723,468
    Location: London, SW18
    Form of Contract: JCT Intermediate
    Duration: October 2011 - March 2012


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed by the London Borough of Wandsworth to carry out re-roofing works to Wandsworth Town Hall which is a Grade II Listed building opened in 1937. The Client appointed Hughes, Jay and Panter Ltd to act as their Consultant for the works. In addition to the roof replacements, various other works were included as part of the main contract, and delivered within the Client’s budget for the project.

Scope of Work

The works to the main roof involved all necessary asphalt repairs to existing roof, the removal and re-instatement of existing air conditioning units, removal and disposal of redundant roof plant, overlay of existing asphalt roof coverings with Langley felt and flat board insulation, or Langley liquid systems where felt application wasn’t suitable, and the removal and re-instatement of the existing rooflights.

In carrying out the complete replacement of the roof, Breyer Roofing were also required to include for the adaptation of existing metal louvres and redecoration where necessary, removal of existing handrails and re- instatement on completion, installation of an additional new handrail system to unprotected areas, removal of existing defective timber cladding around the perimeter of the roof and replacement with PVCu cladding in size and profile to match existing removed, new lightning protection system, re-decoration works to all previously painted surfaces within the roof area, infilling of existing roof glazing with timber structure and bituminous felt finishes, adaptation of existing roof steps to allow for increased roof height and the installation of new roof access ladders.

On completion of the roofing and associated works, a new Solar PV system was installed to the complete roof area. In doing this, various new solar panels were installed on the flat roof, and the Client was able to utilise the natural resources available.

Key Challenges

Timescales were a huge challenge as the solar panels had to be installed and operational by a certain date to benefit from a Government subsidy. This meant that the roofing works had to be complete in good time to allow for the solar panels. The 22 week programme was always going to be challenging but this was compounded by working through the winter months.
The 50 no. rooflights required for this project, had to be craned onto the roof as they were too large and heavy to fit into the hoist. These were fitted by specialist contractors at weekends as access wasn’t available during the working week.

Breyer Roofing also suffered with noise restrictions and had to re-schedule works for weekends to ensure the contract was completed on time.

There were extensive Mechanical & Electrical works that were related to the solar panel installation. These M&E works were carried out by Wandsworth Council’s own approved contractors. Works were programmed so that all contractors had sufficient time to complete each task to allow the next phase of works to commence.

There were also planning issues to overcome with the edge protection as the building is Grade II Listed. It was agreed with the Local Authority that the handrail had to be set back from the perimeter of the roof to ensure that it wasn’t visible from the ground.

Delivery Targets

As stated above, works were required to be completed within a 22 week programme to enable London Borough of Wandsworth to benefit from the Government subsidy. This delivery target was met by ensuring the project was vigilantly managed through all stages of the programme.


On completion of the roof, solar panels were installed to the entire main roof area. These panels contributed to the Town Hall’s power requirements.

Key Outputs

By ensuring that the project was managed well, the Client was able to take full advantage of the Government’s Solar PV subsidy which allows them to operate a more environmentally friendly office environment, and one which will show cost savings for public funding.