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    Essex County Council

    Value: £182,802
    Location: Brentwood, Essex
    Form of Contract: JCT Minor Works
    Duration: July 2012 – November 2012


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed by Essex County Council to carry out the works to replace the flat School roof coverings to the main School roof, including new replacement rooflights. The contract also incorporated the supply and installation of new windows to the main School hall.

Scope of Works

Having earlier carried out an options appraisal to consider installing a flat to pitched roof conversion at the site, our Client’s Building Consultant, Atkins Ltd, prepared a specification to remove the existing surface chippings to the flat roof, and install an overlay bituminous roof system using Langley Bituminous felt finishes. This type of system was chosen instead of a flat to pitched roof conversion due to the budget constraints within the Local Authority. The Client was able to understand the long term benefit of such a system, but with the global economy restricting the funds that were available, they opted for the most cost effective solution at the time.

The product manufacturer was chosen as Langley, and they carried out the necessary site surveys and prepared a detailed specification for the works. The existing stone chippings were swept and removed from the roof, and an overlay bituminous felt system was laid which incorporated rigid flatboard insulation and polycarbonate rooflights to replace the existing single glazed rooflights which were creating a fragile roof scenario. The project also included the removal and replacement of the existing timber windows with new powder coated aluminium double glazed windows.

Key Challenges

As is common with School projects, the Client opted to utilise the School holiday periods to carry out maintenance and refurbishment works that were necessary. Therefore, the key challenge when working with The Endeavour School was to ensure that the programme was tightly managed so that all works were completed prior to the return of the staff and pupils. If works over ran into term time, there would have been a large impact on the Health and Safety requirements at the School, once it was back in full operation.

With this project, all works were programmed for completion with the Summer Holiday and Autumn Half Term Holiday. Breyer Group successfully completed the project during these times.

Delivery Targets

With the works being in excess of 6 weeks, they had to be programmed for delivery during two School holidays. Therefore, the consultant had to formulate a proposed programme to deliver phase 1 of the scheme over the 6 week summer holiday period, with completion of phase 2 during the October half term.

Phase 1 of the works was to carry out the re-roofing works to the main School building and phase 2 completed the renewal of the windows to the main School hall.


Breyer Roofing managed the works so that there was no disturbance to the operation of the School. All necessary measures were put in place to deliver the works in a reduced School closure period, and the site was vacated the day before all pupils returned to School.

Key Outputs

Where Breyer Roofing were invited to tender for the project during the first week of the summer holiday period, they had to ensure that the project was accurately programmed and managed so that the School was able to open on the first day of each new School term. Essex County Council operate a zero closures policy on Schools where maintenance and refurbishment works are being carried out, and expect their appointed contractors to make all necessary efforts to complete the projects on time. Therefore, works also had to be carried out during weekends prior to the October half term to ensure all the necessary preparation works was in place to allow the windows to be installed in only aone week period on site. This included some cladding to be installed, which was also completed in time even though there were issues with the delivery of the materials to site.