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    Sussex County Cricket Club

    Value: £76,862
    Location: Eaton Road, Hove
    Form of Contract: JCT Standard
    Duration: 8 weeks


Project Brief

The PROBIZ County Ground is the home of Sussex County Cricket Club and underwent a programme of refurbishments and extension work in preparation for the Summer 2011 cricket season. Breyer Roofing were appointed as a sub-contractor by Main Contractor, Farnrise, to carry out the installation of a new Single Ply Roofing membrane and Inverted Green Roof to the TV Centre and Main Stand as designed by Miller Bourne Architects. Visually the new Sky Sports TV Centre had to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and this was a key factor which influenced the choice of the Inverted Green Roof System.

Scope of Work

Roof Scope - The scope of works for Breyer Roofing comprised the application of a new single ply waterproof membrane to the newly constructed timber and concrete flat roofs of the TV centre and main stand. A vapour barrier was applied to both timber and concrete decks to which was applied both flat board and tapered insulation in the mechanically fixed built up system. Cefil vapour barriers and membranes were specified to be used in conjunction with Kingspan insulation as both are suitable for application to plywood and concrete deck finishes.

Roof Finish - The roof was finished with an Inverted Green Roof System including a Sedum blanket which was made up using flowers picked from the local area. Whilst aesthetics played a part in the selection of the Inverted Green Roof it also provides an environmentally friendly roofing finish and protects the buildings from adverse weather conditions as well as the sun’s UV radiation. A Green Roof also has the ability to help manage rainwater run-off and improve air quality.

Key Challenges

Since Farnrise were appointed as the Main Contractor, Breyer Roofing had to allow for the works to be completed sequentially, in phases, in conjunction with the Main Contractor’s contract programme. Therefore, it was essential to ensure good communications between both contractors during all stages of the works from specification and procurement through to installation to ensure the Main Contractor achieved the required sectional completion dates.

Specification and procurement provided key challenges for both the Architect and Main Contractor as time, cost and quality issues were critical success factors of this project:

Time - The project had to be completed prior to the commencement of the 2011 county cricket season, the Main Contractor had to carefully manage the project programme and ensure there were no delays. This impacted on selection of the manufacturer for the roofing system to ensure they were able to provide materials in conjunction with the contract programme. Breyer Roofing was instrumental in the recommendation of the Cefil system.

Cost - The project budget was also a major determining factor and the roofing system selected had to be procured in accordance with the project cost plan. Breyer Roofing was instrumental in the recommendation of the Cefil single ply roofing finish as this complied with the project cost plan.

Quality - The new Sky Sports TV Centre had to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and this was a key factor which influenced the choice of an Inverted Green Roof System. In
addition, the client required a system and finish which provided a long life guarantee and reduced annual maintenance costs as compared with alternative roof systems and membranes.

Key Outputs

Due to careful planning and management, the client achieved a project which was completed on time and within their budget. The green roof provides an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst delivering extremely low maintenance costs and a 15 year insurance backed guarantee.

With the project being completed in accordance with the programme, Sussex County Cricket Club was able to fulfil all of their scheduled fixtures and they were very happy with the performance of all parties to the contract, including the works delivered and managed by Breyer Roofing.

Successful completion of the contract works on time, on budget and to the required standard enabled Sussex County Cricket Club to undertake an official re-opening ceremony for the PROBIZ County Ground.


The market for Green Roof Systems has previously enabled us to commit funding in conjunction with Erisco Bauder to experiment with the development of ready grown Sedum (Sedum Blankets). Using a large Cambridgeshire based turf suppliers, we experimented by applying Sedum cuttings to an area of field for harvest. We carried out further trials using a variety of products to bind the layer including Hessian, coco mat, polyester and porous polythene.

Since our early development work, the Extensive Green Roof System has now been widely adopted and there are numerous suppliers and a number of technical bodies and associations. The Cambridgeshire farm now grows 150,000m2 of sedum blanket per annum and is one of the largest in Europe.

We have continued to develop innovative systems with the first Vertical Green Cladding at the temporary home for the Almeida Theatre in Kings Cross and the Bio-Diverse Green Roof. To date these developments and innovations have been self funded by both ourselves and Bauder together with mitigation of risk through:

• The involvement of Horticultural specialists to advise on plant varieties, growing mediums and planting periods.

• Robust testing of proposals including exposure to inner city environments.

• Training and allocating a specialist ‘Green Team’ for the development and installation of Green Roof Projects.