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    Marshall Aerospace

    Value: £820,000 to Date
    Location: Cambridge
    Duration: November 2012 – Ongoing



Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed by Marshall Aerospace to carry out the installation of a translucent overlay system to a large number of existing rooflights within the metal sheet roof to Hangar 17.

Scope of Works

Highly sensitive Ministry of Defence Building - Due to the existing rooflight sheets showing signs of failure and allowing minor amounts of water to ingress the Hangar, the works required the installation of a translucent overlay system to existing rooflights within the sheet metal sheet roof to Hangar 17.

The new rooflights were manufactured to replicate the size of the existing removed, and the project required all necessary additional works to leave the roof fully watertight. Installation had to be carefully executed to ensure that there was no damage to the finishing material at the perimeter of the openings.

The new rooflights cover approximately 3000m2 of roof area, and the project also included works to apply a new liquid coating to the existing gutters, and carry out corrosion repairs to the metal roof sheet laps where it has deteriorated.

Key Challenges

The key challenge of the project was to execute all aspects without causing any damage or water ingress into the Hangar where over £100m of aircraft was being stored. Therefore, all necessary method statements and risk assessments had to be carried out, and an accurate plan of work put in place to prevent any damage to the expensive equipment.

In addition, the works had to be carried out on a live airbase where planes and other vehicles remained in operation. Again, this required accurate planning and co-ordination to ensure the project did not impact on the daily running of the site.

Delivery Targets

The project was required to complete within a 6 week programme. This also had to take into account that all works had to be executed while the site remained in full operation. Day to day activities were unable to be re- scheduled, therefore requiring careful management of all operations.


To ensure that the new rooflights could be installed safely, a man safe system was employed to maintain the Health & Safety of all site operatives. In addition, this method of working reduced costs and ensured a cost effective solution for the Client.

Key Outputs

The programme was restricted at times, by the wind speeds and weather as works were being carried out at significant height. Even with this restriction, Breyer Roofing managed the works through to completion by the contract completion date.