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    Bletchley Park Trust

    Value: £370,000
    Location: Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Form of Contract: JCT Minor Works
    Duration: 25 weeks


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed to replace roof coverings and cement rainwater goods to over 2500m2 of roofs. Over a 1000m of guttering and cement roof sheets were used to restore these historic artefacts which are museum exhibits in their own right. These works were funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Scope of Works

The works comprised of the re-roofing of 14 properties within the Bletchley Park Estate, 9 of these properties are Grade II Listed and are located within a Conservation Area. During the Second World War, Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom’s main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cipher School, where ciphers and codes of several countries were decrypted, most importantly the ciphers generated by the German Enigma and Lorenz Machines. Over a kilometre of guttering and cement roof sheets were used to restore these historic artefacts which are museum exhibits in their own right.

Works included the provision of blue/grey built up mineralized felt roofing torch-on 3 layer insulated roofing system with a 20 year guarantee comprising of primer, vapour barrier, insulation board and 2 layers over. A sample of the roofing felt had to be approved by the Conservation Officer before use.

A sample of the work carried out included:-

Hut 11,12 (Grade II Listed) – Re-roof and renew rainwater goods, including the removal of post-war skylights

Hut 1 (Grade II Listed) – Re-felt to roof to match existing using high performance torch-on felt. Decayed sarking boards, rafters and decayed fascias were repaired or replaced in Canadian pine to match existing. Carried out works to restore brick with original, brickwork repairs and flaunching to chimneys.

A & B Block (Grade II Listed and accommodates the museum collections, education facilities, entrance facilities and tenants) – Renew rainwater goods in fibrous cement and renew remainder of roof covering in insulated felt system.

E Block – Renew rainwater goods in fibrous cement, renew roof covering insulated felt system. Porch and walkway roof remained un-insulated.

Landau House (Grade II Listed), Cottage 4 (Grade II Listed) – Renew rainwater goods in cast iron painted black to match existing cast iron pipes to the rear of the mansion.
Renew north roof slope in slate to match south slope. Cottage 4 only – take down top four course of brickwork and repair, replace original brick and re-flaunch to chimney.

Maritime Museum + Garage (Grade II Listed) – Renew rainwater goods in unpainted fibrous cement. Re- formed missing corner at eaves/verge. The rainwater pipe was renewed as a vertical pipe to run into the existing gully, with lead flashing to the outlet. Re-pointed loose pointing and cracked joint brickwork behind the pipe prior to fixing pipe in bucket handle style to match elsewhere, in lime putty/sharp sand mortar.

Bungalow (Trust Offices), C19 Cottages 1,2,3 (Grade II Listed) – Renew rainwater goods in cast iron painted black to match the eared cast iron pipes on the mansion.

Key Challenges

Works took place within a live museum and the whole of Bletchley Park Estate remained open to visitors throughout the duration of the works. We were in close collaboration with the Project Manager at all times to ensure that regular updates were displayed on the museum notice board and within the entrance hall. To ensure that sufficient signage was in place at all times throughout the Estate. Visitors to the museum were isolated from the works throughout by means of Heras fencing.

On each building, a project notice board was put up to describe the works being carried out to the building and a completion date to keep visitors informed.

Through Liaison with the Project Manager we held Site Safety talks for staff prior to the works to advise them of the dangers associated with a building site.


Rainwater goods were replaced sectionally to avoid disruption to the museum. We worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the programme for each building was adhered to.