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    Stevenage Borough Council 

    Value: £1.2 million over 4 years
    Location: Throughout Stevenage, Hertfordshire
    Form of Contract: JCT 2006
    Duration: March 2009 – March 2013


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed to carry out a 4 year roofing renewals contract with Stevenage Borough Council, to carry out various works to pitched and flat roofs including external repairs across the housing stock owned by the Local Authority. With many of the properties being terraced accommodation, particular attention was paid to adjoining neighbours to maintain the integrity of their homes for the duration of the works.

Scope of Works

Following completion of Stevenage Borough Council’s stock condition surveys, programmes of work were identified for the 4 year term of the contract in line the Local Authority’s available budgets, to allow various street properties to undergo a series of roofmaintenance and refurbishment works, including external repairs and redecorations to some high rise residential blocks and ancillary buildings. Pitched roofing worksto residential houses and a sheltered accommodation block including the removal of existing tiles back to the existing roof timbers, with old materials being recycled where practically possible, installation of new breather felt membrane, timber battens and new roof tiles to match existing removed. The roof refurbishment works have been carried out to meet the current Building Regulations, and have been in accordance with Stevenage Borough Council Building Control. Breyer were also required to agree start dates with all tenants, at which point the Resident Liaison Officer advised Residents of all scaffold erection details and removal of Satellite dishes and other ancillary equipment. Breyer Roofing also carried out external decorations and repairs in conjunction with the roof refurbishment works, allowing us to offer savings in costs to the client.

Key Challenges

Breyer Roofing were required to give out 14 day and 7 day notice letters to all tenants, including a notice letter to all adjoining private property owners, to inform of the proposed works to be executed at each dwelling. Once each tenant had made the necessary contact, Breyer Roofing carried out a full survey of each property complete with photographic records, to maintain the integrity of each tenants home. The key challenges were in executing works to properties that have adjoining owners with no work being carried out. The adjoining properties have to remain watertight whilst all roofing removal and replacement works are carried out, and it is the responsibility of Breyer to ensure that this is maintained. In addition, there are security and Health & Safety issues which are also suitably managed within the Construction Phase Health & Safety plans that are put in place.

Delivery Targets

• Ensuring that the Residents remained fully informed about the programme of works throughout and were encouraged to get involved.

• Close collaboration with Stevenage Borough Council to achieve the best possible options to achieve their budget.


Breyer Roofing have been working very closely with the British Wild Life Society and, with the consent of Stevenage Borough Council and their tenants, have installed 25 Swift Boxes to the external facades of residential properties where roof refurbishment works have been carried out. This was publicised on local radio, in local media and Stevenage Borough Council’s web page. This initiative was to stimulate the growth of the Swift population in the area, as the British Wildlife Society confirmed the area as being a favoured habitat for the Swift.

Breyer have also worked closely with the Local Authority and tenants to donate various items and support their social events and raffles; including:-
Donation of 2 no. Bicycles for their ‘Well Being Week’ raffle; Provision of a Smoothie Bike for the ‘Well Being Week’ daytime event, and setup in the Stevenage Council Office reception area for the employees and visitors to trial; Donation of various goodie bags with items of a Well Being theme; Provision of free labour for a ‘Spruce Up Week’ initiative, where we have carried out works to their Sheltered Housing stock; Provision of free labour at their DIY Workshop to educate the tenants in completing basic DIY tasks.

Key Outputs

On completion of the works to each property, Breyer Roofing are required to carry out a full Resident Satisfaction Surveys which, in most cases, have been returned with very positive feedback. Breyer Roofing work very closely with the Residents and Stevenage Borough Council to ensure that each property can be safely occupied for the duration of the contract, requiring the rolling programme of works to be closely monitored and managed through to completion. To assist with the smooth running of the work programmes, Breyer Roofing representatives attend the necessary Progress Meetings, Client Conference Meetings, Investment Meetings and any other relevant client briefings to maintain Client and Resident Satisfaction at all stages of delivery.