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    John Lewis Partnership

    Value: £250,000
    Location: Cookham, Berkshire
    Form of Contract: Sub-Contract
    Duration: 27 weeks



Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed to carry out the installation of a green roof to the newly constructed Odney Club, John Lewis Conference Centre in Cookham, Berkshire. One of a number of facility and conference centres owned by the John Lewis Partnership, the Odney Club is situated within a 120 acre site along the River Thames, making it a welcome retreat for visitors. The client required a turf roof system to be delivered on time and within budget.

Scope of Work

The green roof at the Odney Club insulates and protects the building from factors such as adverse weather conditions and the sun’s UV radiation, which in turn reduces energy consumption and increases the durability of the roof. The roof is a striking design feature and rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the John Lewis Conference Centre, channelled through filters then further treated prior to being pumped back into the building. The water is then used for WC flushing, irrigation, wash-down, window cleaning and a water feature.

Key Challenges

The success of the roofing programme of the Odney Club was reliant upon ongoing communications between all parties, more so than most regimes due to the sheer size of the combined workforces on site at any one time.

The brief stipulated the necessity for ongoing lengthy meetings at each stage of the project which were paramount to ensure smooth operations on site and provided the very cornerstone to this comprehensive roofing programme’s success.


However, the roof is not the only environmentally friendly aspect of the building.

  • The lighting system uses energy saving measures including energy efficient high frequency luminaires with electronic control gear, infra-red presence detection and dimmable lighting throughout.
  • A variable air volume (VAV) ventilation system provides air to the conference rooms, training rooms and coffee area via under floor displacement ventilation

  • All building services installed operate automatically. However, they can also be environmentally controlled via the Building Management System

Apart from aesthetics, a green roof contributes many major factors towards sustainability and environmental issues. A green roof has the ability to help manage rainwater runoff and improve air quality. The installation also demonstrates John Lewis Partnership, Kier Group and Breyer Group’s commitment to sustainable construction.

Key Outputs

Sustainability is an essential part of Breyer Roofing’ss activities and we are determined to secure the advantages that we believe it offers to our shareholders, customers, employees and the community.

Breyer Roofing understands that sustainability is ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. Most societies aspire to achieve economic development to secure rising standards of living, both for themselves and for future generations. They also seek to protect and enhance their environment, now and for their children. Reconciling these two aspirations is at the heart of sustainable development.

Flat Roofing Alliance Awards 2008
The Flat Roofing Awards is an opportunity to bring together and recognise quality and excellence within the industry, nationally.

The Odney Club project received an award and was described by the judges as “a stunning green roof solution with challenging detail and slopes that have been well executed, meeting the aspirations and requirements of the client.”