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    Surrey NHS

    Value: £175,235
    Location: Godalming, Surrey
    Form of Contract: JCT Intermediate
    Duration: August 2012 – October 2012


Project Brief

Flat and pitched re-roofing and associated works to an operational hospital in Godalming, Surrey. The flat area was approximately 1050m2 and was divided up into 6 sections by small transom pitched roofs 1200mm wide.

Scope of Works

Flat Roofing works - The original specification was to de-grit and then overlay the original asphalt roof using Langley Felt. We also renewed the lightning protection system and installed a freestanding handrail and steps on completion of the flat roof.

Pitched Roofing works - The specification called for us to replace the valley gutters to the pitched roof and also numerous broken tiles.

Decorations – The fascias and soffits were redecorated to the entire perimeter of the building. We were instructed to decorate the windows and doors to the entire block as a contract variation.

Air Conditioning works – We had to decommission and re-commission 4nr air conditioning units to carry out our roofing works. 2 of the A/C units were also replaced.

Gutter works - All gutters were removed and re-fixed to allow for the decorations. A hedgehog system was installed into the gutter on completion to ensure the gutters remain free of leaves.

Key Challenges

We were unable to de-grit the roof due to safety, noise and vibration issues. We liaised with Langley Waterproofing and suggested an alternative to the Client. This involved lightly de-gritting the roof surface using shovels and brooms and then gluing a recovery board to the deck. This then gave us a suitable substrate to lay the Langley felts onto.

We had issues with water ingress on the small change of level pitched roofs which were located between the large flat areas. These areas were affected by exceptional wind uplift, which subsequently caused water ingress on two occasions by displacing lead flashings and tiles. It was agreed between Breyer Group and the Client that these tiles should be removed; the area boarded with ply and then covered with Langley felt system. Large lead saddles were installed at the felt and tile junctions. This resolved the issues with the water ingress and also meant that the felt sections would be covered with a 20 year guarantee.

Delivery Targets

All roofing works were finished within the original 10 week programme despite the bad weather that we suffered throughout the contract. We were given a two week extension of time on this project as the Client instructed for us to paint all windows and doors to the entire building. These works were also completed within the required timescale.


We installed 8nr large lead saddles to this low level block which may be at risk from theft. These saddles were primed and then painted with a grey Hammerite paint to give appearance of a liquid finish. This was a very simple but effective way of disguising the lead that had been installed.