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    Lewisham Homes

    Value: £50 million over 4 years
    Location: Lot 2 (of 2) – South Borough
    Form of Contract: TPC2005 amended 2008
    Duration: April 2011 – April 2015



Project Brief

Lewisham Homes is a two star Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) and currently manages 13,442 social housing tenancies and 5,111 leasehold properties within the Borough. Breyer Group were appointed as one of two strategic service provider partners to deliver planned maintenance and component renewal works to meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standards to properties located in the centre of the Borough of Lewisham, South London.

Scope of Works

Includes the delivery of Cyclical Redecorations, Internal and External refurbishment works including bathrooms, kitchens, windows, roofs, electrical re-wires and heating systems, and additional works such as landscaping and door entry systems, across a stock of 13,000 tenanted properties, 5,000 leaseholds and a number of other assets. The portfolio ranges from pre-war terraced to post-1974 houses, although over 72% of properties, are low, medium and high rise residential blocks of flats.

Key Challenges

Aims to meet Lewisham Homes’ strategic objective of delivering “Great Housing Services for Thriving Neighbourhoods”. A key challenge is therefore to ensure that the service is resident led and needs based. Lewisham is an amazingly diverse area where 21% of the population do not speak English as their first language and 59% of Lewisham Homes’ residents are of black or minority ethnic origin.

Breyer Group have undertaken Community Profiling to understand the social demographics of our work areas. We use Positive Affirmative Action to ensure that knowledge of employment and training opportunities reaches under-represented groups, through Community Recruitment Campaigns, Minority Press (Voice) and Radio (Spectrum).

Obtaining Resident buy-in through enhanced communication and employment and training opportunities has been crucial. Breyer Group’s Community Development Manager says “According to ONS statistics 35.8% of 16-24 year olds are unemployed in Lewisham; the closure of the local Connexions Centre means Work Clubs are essential if we’re going to help reduce unemployment”.

Breyer Group has an active policy of recruiting from within the community and has pledged to provide 1 no. work experience placement per £2m of work and 1 no. NVQ or similar accredited Apprenticeship per £2m of project spend every year. To date, we are ahead of schedule with 5 no. Apprenticeship schemes under way.

Delivery Targets

To meet the Client’s aim for Year 1 to make 1,000 properties across both North and South ‘Decent’. We met this target in the South area by making 706 properties ‘Decent’ internally, with a further 145 properties that have external works completed. Further targets are to improve on this in Year 2.

We have set our own tough targets such as reducing our carbon production per £100k project spend by 5% and lowering our waste per £100k spend by another 5%. Through our strategic partnership with British Gas, we have helped identify over 320 postcodes that can benefit from Government grants and assistance to provide new boilers, wall and roof insulation, double glazing and solar panels.


In order to manage the Major Works programme, the Client’s Representative, Baily Garner, have developed a database using the latest Microsoft Access software on behalf of Lewisham Homes. The database is accessed through a secure log in process, allowing all members of staff working on the project to gain access to varying amounts of information about the Lewisham Homes’ housing stock. This system lists out all the properties in alphabetical order with details of the Resident’s profile, contact details, property type, age etc. Then sorted behind each property address there is specific information for that property. For example, various survey information, kitchen designs, colour choices, disclaimers, OT reports etc. There is also an area on the database where property specific key dates are entered. For example,
the date surveys where carried out, works start dates, completion dates etc. With this up-to-date information, we have the ability to run almost an infinite amount of reports. For example, you can see how many properties had their works started on a certain date, how many where completed in a certain month, what percentage of properties were completed on time etc.

For a Major Works programme with large numbers of properties involving a varied amount of workstreams, the database is an essential management tool for us as Service Provider, as well as Lewisham Homes and Baily Garner.

Building on the success and our experience of the first year, Breyer Group have further considered liaison, access, survey, works completion and after care processes that were adopted to ensure that lessons learnt, feedback and efficiencies are captured, evaluated and implemented on a ‘Lean Thinking’ basis at both strategic and operational level, setting a tone for enhanced target delivery moving forward.

Due to the location of Breyer Group’s stock within ‘Lewisham South’, we are co-locating with Lewisham Homes at their offices in Lea Green. Leegate House is an 8 storey, fully serviced office block located near the centre of Lewisham Homes’ housing stock and close to Lee Green station. Works are strategically managed from our main office set up with admin support and the Q.S. team being permanently based here, as well as the Project Manager and Contracts Manager. This has enhanced our communication and transparency with the Lewisham Homes Team. We also have the capacity to run one or two site management teams out of this office when we are working on properties in the local vicinity, so saving on additional prelims.

Our Operational Delivery Team obtains bulk deliveries to this central hub for onward distribution across the works area on a lean ‘Milk Round’ basis. Waste materials are collected in the same way.

Key Outputs

We maximised added value from the outset with our approach considering:-

Efficient programmes to reduce preliminary costs and create continuity for delivery teams, reducing peaks and troughs, increasing quality and productivity
Integrating suppliers/specialists into the programme to capture knowledge/experience in design, value engineering and whole life cost

This approach has led to the following KPI performance:- 

KPI Target Achieving
Resident Satisfaction 94% 95.2%
Quality/defects 94% 95%
Quality/defects 92% 93.4%
Quality/defects 92% 95.1%