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    Valentine-court, Lewisham

    Major Works and External Planned Maintenance Programme

    Client: Lewisham Homes
    Contract Value: £6,150,000.00
    Location(s): Valentine Court Estate, Pikethorne, Lawrie Park Gardens & Sheenewood Estate
    Duration: 31st May – 15th June 2017


Key Performance Indicators

We use a suite of KPI’s which are bespoke to Lewisham Homes’ requirements. We have developed effective collaborative working methods to most economically and efficiently deliver and exceed against these KPI’s during the delivery and handover phases. We hold Workshop Reviews to consider lessons learnt and identify continual improvement. To evidence our performance our latest KPIs are:-



Feb 2017 (Actual)

Resident Satisfaction












Proportion of properties receiving works to

have a complaint against them




Problems Encountered and how These Were Overcome

After Year 2 the programme developed into an externals programme and as the contract extension approached (extension granted for further 4 years) we developed a complete asset management strategy providing surveys and options appraisals to assist identifying estates for regeneration or refurbishment. As part of this process we have forward surveyed, designed and costed a 4 year programme of works with a capital value of £40m, this has been developed into a works programme using various filters such as geographical location and works priority.


We have now agreed annual budgets for the next 4 years and both ourselves and Lewisham Homes have complete predictability over the works programme.


Leasehold Properties

Accuracy of external surveys was vital to achieve cost predictability for Leasehold consultation. This presented a challenge when surveying blocks from the ground without the benefit of scaffold access. We implemented a strong feedback loop with delivery teams providing detail against accuracy and completeness of survey. We use innovative survey methods including drones and powered access to collect high quality photographic information.


We have undertaken works to approximately 2,734 Leaseholder properties to date. It is fundamental that these dwellings are identified at the earliest opportunity enabling us to ensure all communications with Leaseholders are sent acknowledging their status as Homeowners rather than Tenants/Residents. Where we identify the dwelling of Leaseholders we communicate via an initial letter which highlights that all works will be planned in full consultation with Leaseholders affected to ensure that their views and concerns are considered within our Delivery Plan. We arrange separate meetings with Leaseholders to explain the works and why they are necessary.


We identify Leaseholders at the earliest opportunity and assist the Landlord to adhere to the Section 20 process which entails a full survey of the works within the block, costing the survey and identifying any area of potential increase in cost. Where the works cannot be identified, a defined provisional sum is included in the overall cost.

We provide analysis of the total block or property cost and abstract the allocation of the total cost per Leasehold property along with a specification and duration of the works as part of our Project Costings. This information produces a Section 20 Notice to the Leaseholder. We support by providing cost breakdown, specification clarification, photographic records, business cases and scope of works. We provide an auditable trail that facilitates equitable recovery of costs from Leaseholders. Workshops and consultation forums for Leaseholders are used to explain apportionment of surveyed quantities to the leasehold properties along with providing a friendly forum in which to enhance Leaseholder ‘Buy-in’ through considering ‘costed’ option appraisals.


IT Systems

We are using Bailey Garner’s Bespoke Database on the Lewisham scheme. The system works well but is approximately 10 years old, it only has three user levels (Lewisham, Baily Garner and Breyer Group), and everyone on site has the same access.


Each property is attributed to a task order. Survey data on each property is uploaded and works are scheduled using SORs, and agreed by Baily Garner. We then use the Database to value the works and receive payment once all corresponding documentation is scanned and uploaded to justify payment. We are also able to log all Resident communications, letters etc and updates on works progress.


Social Value – Love2Dance Programme

We continue to sponsor Lewisham Homes and contributed £22k since 2014. Each programme actively engages on average, 55 young people from 8 – 18 years and delivers 12 weeks of training before a graduation performance show and awards ceremony.  This initiative has enabled young people to access free street dance which has increased confidence and self-esteem, reduced barriers between young people where gang culture and postcode wars exist and keeps young Residents off the streets and engaged which has helped reduce anti-social behaviour. We also deliver themed Drama Workshops which explore the fundamental issues that affect young people today.