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    London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham – Area 6

    (Part of the Decent Homes Capital Works Programme)

    Value: £3,000,000
    Location: Fulham, London, SW6
    Form of Contract: NEC 2 Option B
    Duration: October 2011 – December 2012


Project Brief

Breyer Group were appointed to carry out internal and external refurbishment to three distinct areas within Pearscroft Road. Jepson House is a 20 storey, high rise, residential tower block containing 67 units. 40-54 Pearscroft Road is a low rise, 2 storey block containing 8 units and 2-38 Pearscroft Road forms 21 no. town houses in 3 separate blocks. All residents remained in occupation during the works. This contract forms part of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Decent Homes Capital Works 1 & 6 Programme.

Scope of Works

Internal and external refurbishments including window replacements, roofing replacements (flat and pitched), installation of fall arrest system to the perimeter of the roof, installation of an Integrated Reception System to the outside of the high rise and low rise blocks, window care repairs to timber windows, concrete and masonry repairs, replacement kitchens, replacement bathrooms, electrical re-wires, heating system upgrades, new flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, provision of lightning protection, anti-graffiti works in communal areas, painting and re- decorating in communal areas, new communal flooring, lighting upgrades. Strip out and replacement of existing extractor fans and water tanks.

Key Challenges

Throughout the works, residents remained in occupation, including a number of elderly and vulnerable people. We ensured that Residents were able to access their properties safely during the works and that we did not disturb the resident’s comfort and enjoyment of their properties.

Within Jepson House are two central service risers which carry the soil and vent pipes up the middle of the high rise block. Breyer Group were appointed to strip out the existing extractor fans and water tanks in the service shafts which run the height of the building and remove these from site. The access panels from the bathroom of each property leading to the service shaft contained asbestos and we had to devise a safe method of removing this asbestos. We had to remove the asbestos containing materials via access from the service shaft, therefore not causing disruption to every resident. However, one property every 4th floor was decanted to a void property within Jepson House which enabled Breyer Group to carry out air monitoring to ensure safety of Residents at all times whilst these works were taking place.

At Jepson House, we engaged Structural Engineers to design the scaffold base which had to be installed due to the sheer weight of the independent scaffold which was erected to the envelope of the building. The area for the base was excavated to the required level recommended by the Engineers with railway sleepers being laid in place as per the Engineer’s requirements and heras fencing provided protection all the way round the scaffold base.

Whilst working on the 21 no. town houses in three separate blocks at 2-38 Pearscroft Road, we had to overcome the challenge of re-roofing the continuous roofs along the terraces of town houses, some of which had been sold by London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham with Freehold. London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham only wanted tenanted roofs re-covered. However, there was no solution to this to supply the properties with a 20 year warranty.

Therefore, the solution was to re-cover the whole of the terrace with a barrier at the roof-line on the party wall to segregate every property for future repairs.

Delivery Targets

  • All works were carried out without inconvenience or nuisance and without danger to the Residents and neighbouring properties
  • Clear understanding that tenants and leaseholders remained at the heart of the programme and were involved at every step of the way to achieve maximum benefit and value for money
  • Working in close collaboration with London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and the local Residents’ Group



  • Within Jepson House, we installed a specialist extract fan system by Nuaire which was designed to ventilate the kitchen and bathroom at the same time without the need for separate extract systems. This unit came complete with Ecosmart ‘Dial-a-Duty’ option, G2 filter, acoustically lined case and D4 damper kit. The unit operates continuously at a pre-set ‘background’ design airflow rate with the ability to increase to a pre- set ‘boost’ design airflow rate if required. Breyer Group installed a switch in the kitchen of every property to provide a switched live to enable the ‘boost’ to be triggered manually when required in the kitchen.

Key Outputs

  • We developed Key Performance Indicators collaboratively to suit London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s requirements and achieve high levels of Resident Satisfaction
  • Ensured that all team members and stakeholders worked collaboratively with the introduction of a Core Group and Project Group as well as Focus Groups to provide local level information and feedback.