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    Apprentice Case Study - Jae Harris

    Jae Harris is an Ascham Homes’ resident, who was referred to Breyer Group from the Let’s Build Programme to enrol on our 360 Degree Apprenticeship Programe.


Jae Harris is an Ascham Homes’ resident, who was referred to Breyer Group from the Let’s Build Programme to enrol on our 360 Degree Apprenticeship Programe. 

Jae’s recruitment was initiated by our Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Divisional Director, Neil Watts, who visited the Let’s Build Training Centre in Canning Town and was impressed with Jae’s keen attitude to work. Neil organised for Jae to meet with our Community Development Manager, Roy Ramrutton.

Jae commenced studies for an NVQ Level 2 in Site Carpentry at Building Crafts College, with a structured block study course, to compliment his on-site training by developing and transferring his skill based learning from the classroom to the work environment.

Jae has matured into a responsible and respected team player and was nominated for the National Youth Builder Award by East Potential (subsidiary of East Thames Group), who are a social and economic regeneration charity , who champion the recruitment and development of local people, to empower them to create a brighter future for themselves and make a contribution within their communities.

Jae also formed part of a team of Breyer Group Apprentices, who worked on a Demonstration project for our Priory Court scheme for Ascham Homes in conjunction with The Housing Forum. Demonstration Projects are run through workshops, led by a collaborative group of Stakeholders, which tackle unused waste land on the estates that we work on.

The aim of the scheme is to regenerate land into an inviting green space, which is landscaped with ammenities like seating and bike racks for the surrounding local community to enjoy. The Apprentices learn how to project manage the development of the selected space, from start to finish and are taught valuable management skills, including programming and project phasing.
Jae has now completed a traditional Apprenticeship in Site Carpentry to NVQ Level 2 with Breyer Group and has continued to progress well within our company. He become a valued member of our Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Team, where he has been fully employed as one of our B-Line Trade Operatives. Breyer Group is also continuing to support Jae, in his training and aspiration to achieve his NVQ level 3 in Site Carpentry.

Since Jae’s introduction, the Breyer Group Apprenticeship Programme has evolved, through further development by our Community Development Manager and now incorporates our unique 360 Degree Training Programme. This initiative combines the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme with a traditional Apprenticeship and is complimented by a Post Apprenticeship Plan. The 360 Degree Programme also provides external support throughout the training, from dedicated Mentors who provide pastoral support for our Apprentices’ personal well-being and development.