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    Guildford Borough Council

    Durations & Values:
    2005 Edition Revision 2 2009
    Phase 1 – (March – April 2012) £64,420
    Phase 2 – (March – May 2013) £124,580`
    Phase 3 – (September – November 2013) £74,360

    Location: Guildford, Surrey
    Form of Contract: JCT Minor Works Building Contract


Project Brief

The Guildford Crematorium building is located in a rural setting of 26 acres of which 11 acres have been set aside for use as a Garden of Remembrance, where memorial trees, roses and shrubs have been planted in memory of those departed. The building itself was completed in 1966 and comprises a covered way leading to the entrance hall, office, waiting room and chapel capable of accommodating 200 people which incorporates a fully screened catafalque at the point of committal together with front and rear annexes. When the building was originally constructed all of the low level roofs to covered ways, entrance, office and annexes together with the high level roofs to the chapel, were covered in traditional pre-patinated copper sheeting. Breyer Group was recently appointed to replace all roof coverings to lower and upper roofs on a phased basis with a single ply membrane.

Scope of Works

Roof Scope – The works comprised of the replacement of the existing shallow pitch copper roof finish with a single ply standing seam roofing system to all lower and upper roofs over three separate phases of work, due to the presence of adult Pipestrelle bat roosts in the existing roof space. Each phase of works is programmed to take place outside periods of bat activity:
Phase 1 – Works to the Cloisters, Remembrance and Flower Rooms (March – April 2012)
Phase 2 – Works to the Chapel and rear annex (March – May 2013)
Phase 3 – Works to the Front entrance (September – November 2013)
Phase 1 works were completed over the course of a 6 week period during March and April 2012 based on weekend working only (Saturday and Sunday 7.30 am – 6.00 pm) to allow cremations on weekdays.

Roof Finish

Replacement roof coverings involved the supply and installation of a SIG Design Technology Rhepanol fk Single Ply system comprising Rhepanol fk bonded waterproof membrane, fully bonded to the deck. The new single ply roofing membrane was coated on completion of the works with a copper patina (green) finish to create a Copper roof effect to match in with the existing roof coverings.

Key Challenges

Maintaining weather tightness during the permitted sporadic periods of working provided a significant challenge to our installation teams in delivering a quality product on Phase 1 works. A temporary seal was applied at the end of each working Saturday, to protect the building overnight, and was further applied following clearance of site on a Sunday evening, to protect the building during its use between Monday and Friday.

Time – A further challenge to completion of Phase 1 was the requirement for all works to be carried out under the supervision of the Bat Conservation Trust due to the presence of adult Pipestrelle bat roosts in the existing roof space. We complied with the requirements of a Bat Method Statement produced by a Senior Ecologist and works were programmed to avoid the summer bat

activity period. A Licensed Bat Surveyor was present on site at all times and works were progressed under his supervision and in accordance with regular audits and inspections.

Key Outputs

The Phase 1 works were completed through working on Saturdays and Sundays only between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm during March and April 2012. Works finished on a Sunday evening, allowing time for cleaning and clearance of the work area. This guaranteed that our weekend working made no visual impact on the services that were conducted during the week and ensured that the bereaved and visitors were unaware of our presence on site over the weekend period.

All roofing works were carried out in line with the manufacturer’s installation guidance in order for a 20 year SIG Design & Technology insurance backed guarantee to be provided upon completion of the works.


Specification – The original roof specification requirement was for a like for like replacement of the roof with a metal standing seam system. However, budget constraints dictated that all of the Crematorium roofs could not be completed if this specification was enforced. Through our established relationship with SIG Roofing Supplies we were able to specify an alternative single ply solution with an applied finish which would replicate the original standing seam roof but would also enable all of the roof areas to be replaced within the Client’s budget.

Methodology – The approach and methodology that we adopted for this project was necessarily innovative in order to incorporate the requirements of a fully active Crematorium during weekdays and bat roosts in the existing roof areas that were to remain undisturbed. Working hours and working practices were fully overhauled and adapted to suit the weekend working requirements of the Crematorium together with the prescriptive bat mitigation requirements of the Re- roofing Method Statement in respect of Bat Species produced independently for Guilford Borough Council by a Senior Consultant Ecologist.