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    Lewisham Homes and Breyer Group share a commitment to local communities and are both very keen to tackle social issues. This shared understanding has made their partnership (a four year Major Works contract) very successful. Since the start of the contract Breyer conducted a series of activities in partnership with Lewisham Homes and the local businesses and organisations. One of those organisations and initiatives was the High-5 pre- employment scheme from the Borough’s registered training charity Elevating Success.


Elevating success UK was established to tackle various unemployment issues in 2007. High-5 is the flagship initiative from Elevating Success, a motivational programme of mentoring support, training and personal planning. Its goal is to provide young people with the various skills expected by employers, including: presentation skills, interview preparation, financial literacy, communication/ interpersonal skills and problem solving.

Breyer Group supports Lewisham’s ambition to get young people into employment and has contributed financially (£5k in the first and third year of the contract so far) for the valuable courses run under the High-5 brand. 

It was clear that participants of the High-5 initiative were keen to understand how their involvement would help them secure short and long-term employment opportunities. The Breyer Group then provided graduates (67 graduated From High-5 between April 2012 and March 2013) with information sessions and work clubs to help support a path into employment and in some cases work experience placements and direct employment within the business.

Roy Ramrutton, Community Development Manager at Breyer Group said:

“We are extremely proud to be supporting such an important initiative with such altruistic ambitions. Young people are the workforce of tomorrow, we should make sure that they have the proper skills in order to succeed. We are pleased to be working with Lewisham, a partner that we share many of the same values and aspirations”.