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    St. Georges Community Housing

    Value: £1.7m per annum over 6 years
    Location: Basildon, Essex
    Form of Contract: JCT MTC 2006
    Duration: Contract started September 2008 and extended until 2014


Project Brief

St George’s Community Housing is the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) for Basildon District Council in Essex. St George’s Community Housing are responsible for managing and maintaining the Council’s homes and bringing them up to Decent Homes standard.

Scope of Work

Breyer Roofing were appointed to carry out the District wide roofing works comprising of replacement pitched roofs, replacement flat roofs, balcony refurbishments, external redecorations, replacement PVCu products, replacement of gutters and rainwater goods and essential repairs of external surfaces prior to redecoration works.

All works are delivered under the Bauder LHC EX1-R framework arrangement, and the contract was secured through a mini-competition LHC tender.

As a new town, the main construction of Council properties was carried out between 1955 and 1965, which has resulted in many of the roofs nearing the end of their economic life at the time of the tender process. St George’s Community Housing prioritised the re-roofing works at Spencer’s Court, a sheltered housing property, due to it being in a severe state of disrepair, and this property acted as a good example of the current condition many of the roofs were in.

Key Outputs

Breyer’s Specialist Roofing Division were required to deliver the proposed works within the contract budget and deadlines, and this has been met. Some years have been more challenging where the Client has increased the budget mid way through the year. Each year that this has occurred, Breyer’s Specialist Roofing Division have managed to complete the works within the required timescales so the Client’s budget has been spent.

Spencer’s Court was built in 1980 and is a three- storey sheltered housing complex made up of 43 flats. The existing building had an inverted roof which was experiencing water ingress, had blocked outlets, chimney problems, asbestos present in the external cladding and issues to the perimeter of the windows. The schedule of works included rectification of all these issues and also the replacement of pitched and flat roofing finishes, as well as the replacement of some metal profiled sheet sections of roofing.

Key Challenges

Where the works are being executed all year round, the key challenge is to ensure that all works are completed under the correct weather conditions. When working on homes and blocks which are occupied by residents, it is vital to ensure that projects are managed and delivered at times where the weather will not cause water ingress, and this needs suitable liaison with the residents when works are planned.

Delivery Targets

At the commencement of the financial year, St. George’s Housing Association provide a detailed schedule of properties to be worked on throughout each year. Breyer’s Specialist Roofing Division are then responsible for planning the delivery of the works and organising suitable site labour to meet the contract dates. The programme of works and properties to be worked on would depend on the Client’s available budget each year.

The programme was also prepared in accordance with the Client’s activity when ensuring that the Section 20 notices were in place. No works are able to commence until such time, and this issue was taken into account at the start of each financial years programme.


The majority of the works have been to install like for like replacements to the roofs and we have not had the opportunity to provide new innovative solutions.