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    London Borough of Islington

    Value: £8-12m p.a over 4 years with option to extend to 10 years
    Location: London Borough of Islington (East & South)
    Form of Contract: Term Partnering Contract TPC 2005
    Duration: Jan 2011 to March 2015


Project Brief

The London Borough of Islington manages a total stock of over 22,000 tenanted and 8,000 leasehold properties borough wide. They have prioritised the delivery of a programme of works to ensure that all of their housing stock meets the Decent Homes Standards and have secured additional funding for planned improvement works. Breyer Group were appointed as one of two Strategic Partners to deliver the Capital and Cyclical Works Programme.

Scope of Work

Our Programme in the South and East of the Borough involves internal and external works as follows:-

  • Kitchen and bathroom replacements
  • Central heating installations & boiler installation
  • Electrical rewires
  • Window & door replacements
  • General building works
  • Disabled adaptations
  • Pre decorating repairs
  • Decorations
  • Gutter & fascia renewal
  • Roofing repairs and replacements
  • External improvement packages
  • Concrete repairs
  • Environmental works
  • Cyclical repairs
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Key Challenges

To work within a partnering arrangement as one of two strategic service providers (the other service provider covering the North and West areas). The main aims of the partnering arrangement being to provide methods for problem solving and shared objectives to avoid disputes.

Due to issues with the procurement process, Breyer Group commenced the contract six months in advance of the other service provider and therefore set the benchmark for service and quality standards during pre-construction, mobilisation and construction phases.

Delivery Targets

To meet the commitment to London Borough of Islington to obtain measurable improvements in the following areas:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Customer/Resident satisfaction
  • Quality of work and zero defects
  • Cost predictability
  • Time predictability
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved sustainability
  • Efficiencies and cost savings
  • To meet the expectations of the Residents throughout the delivery of the works
  • To incorporate extensive consultation with Residents on programme and deliverability 
  • To ensure a good service and value for money is received by all
  • Innovation
  • Breyer Group developed a bespoke approach to equalities to ensure the works have no adverse impact given the diversity of the HFI Residents. We ensured a positive impact on minority ethnic groups while delivering quality services to a diverse HFI Resident base through our locally employed Resident Liaison Officers who possess a range of language skills and who offer translation services
  • Residents’ choice of Kitchens and Bathrooms in partnership with the supply-chain
  • More than 95% of recycled site waste through on- site segregation and re-use

Key Outputs

Collectively with the other partner in the Framework, we were able to establish a Core Working Group during the pre-start period to agree the basis for a Partnering Charter to include the roles and responsibilities within the arrangement and outline benchmarks, policies and standards to deliver a quality service.

We facilitate and fund local community events through our Community Investment Charity ‘The Breyer Foundation’, to encourage cohesion within the local community through the delivery of a range of community led events.

Exceeding the targets originally set by London Borough of Islington for Employment and Training by providing the employment of one apprentice and one long term unemployed per £2m of contract spend per year. We have achieved this by working with organisations such as Islington Working in identifying local potential candidates for entry into our robust training programme. This has represented a major contribution in maximising the opportunities for local long term unemployed and the development of Apprenticeships.