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    CityWest Homes

    Value: £1,118,502
    Location: Paddington, London
    Form of Contract: NEC 3 Engineering & Construction
    Duration: 26 Weeks


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed by City West Homes to undertake the roofing project of Brunel Estate which was a large roofing project of 17 no. blocks totalling in over 4500.00m2.

Scope of Works

Having earlier carried out an options appraisal to consider installing a flat to pitched roof conversion at the site, our Client’s Building Consultant, Atkins Ltd, 

The project ran over a six month period and involved removing the old asphalt and insulation to expose the original asphalt. We then laid a three layer felt system that comprised of Vapour barrier, 100mm flat board insulation / cut to falls insulation, underlay and capsheet.

Key Challenges

This job was made a little more complicated as we had issues with multiple satellite dishes that were situated on the roof.

The dishes were attached to the old permanent handrail that was fixed to the perimeter of the roof that was being removed as part of the scheme of works. This handrail was replaced with free standing which wasn’t a suitable base to re-attach such a large number of satellite dishes.

As a result of this we came up with a design to install some fixed railings on the centre of the roof to re-attach the dishes to. Breyer Roofing consulted the felt manufacturer who provided us with the relevant details to ensure that the 20 year insurance backed guarantee would not be affected.

Delivery Targets

These works were completed within programme despite suffering delays due to the harsh winter we have just experienced.

A single point 20 year insurance backed guarantee was issued on completion of the works and the client was extremely happy with the project.

Our Approach to the Works

Due to the blocks being situated in close proximity, we chose to set up one access tower to service four blocks and installed temporary scaffold link bridges between the blocks. This reduced the amount of access towers at ground level which was a client requirement. The sequencing for the works was as follows. The scaffold tower, link bridges and handrail were erected to the first 4 blocks, followed by the installation of the new satellite supports which were temporarily waterproofed to ensure no water ingress.

The satellite dishes were then moved from the handrail onto there new supports allowing us to remove the old permanent handrail. We then commenced with the removal of the asphalt and insulation and the laying of the vapour barrier, we also carried out all necessary timber works to raise the parapets to allow for the additional height of insulation. The insulation and underlay was then installed followed by the capsheet.

The final operation was to install the lightning protection works. Whilst these works were on going scaffold, link bridges and the access tower were erected to the next 4 blocks allowing the continuation of works for the 4 roofing gangs that we had on site.