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    Hertfordshire County Council

    Value: £97,303
    Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Form of Contract: RARE Framework
    Duration: February 2012 – May 2012


Project Brief

Breyer Roofing were appointed by Hertfordshire County Council to carry out the re-roofing works at Brockswood Primary School. The works were tendered under the RARE Framework. Breyer Roofing are an Approved Contractor following the competitive tender process.

Scope of Works

The works involved the removal of the existing stone chippings and preparation of the existing roof finishes so that they were left ready to receive a new IKO overlay built up felt roofing system, including installation of all necessary sub layers and new insulation to meet current Building Regulation ‘U’ values.

In addition to the main roofing works, there were also additional items including the preparation and redecoration of the existing external cladding with some sections undergoing replacement where these were found to be defective, and the removal and replacement of some existing windows to the hall, which were beyond economic repair, with new powder coated aluminium units.

Key Challenges

The main challenge of the project was to carry out all necessary works while the School remained in full operation. This required the most robust Health and Safety plan to be put in place and managed for the duration of the works, as the children had to carry out their day to day activities without any form of disturbance. To minimise the risk of internal damage to the ceilings, recovery boards were used which also aided with the prevention of any ceiling materials falling from the ceiling whilst the areas beneath were in occupation.

Delivery Targets

The contract period was set by the Contract Administrator, and the completion date was achieved with no delays occurring. This was an even greater achievement where the CA instructed additional works to be included as part of the scheme. These additional works did not require an extension of time and Breyer Roofing were able to manage their completion within the original timescales.

Key Outputs

The speed of completion by Breyer Roofing was the key output in this project. The works were managed to a very high standard to ensure that all areas were completed within the contract period, and also within the Client’s budget.