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    IT Donation Scheme

    Inspired by the government’s digital inclusion strategy (Digital Deal) and to support Local Authority/Housing Associations, The Breyer Foundation has donated FREE IT equipment to a range of community based organisations who support vulnerable and hard to reach residents.


In total, nine organisations based in Ealing, Lewisham, Camden, Islington, Tower Hamlets and Lambeth are benefiting from the free laptops and desktops we provided.

Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform, said:

“-Getting online is part and parcel of 21st century life and being able to confidently use the internet is essential for work today.
-Universal Credit is a major cultural change in the way people receive and access support. We are putting the internet at the heart of our reforms to encourage and help claimants develop their online skills.
-Internet access and support is available through Jobcentre Plus and the Digital Deal is bringing the latest technology and community groups together to break the digital barrier.”

Source: www.gov.uk/government/news/digital-deal-12-projects-to-help-social-tenants-get-online

There are currently 2.4 billion users worldwide on the internet and 21% of Britain’s population still lack the basic digital skills and capabilities required to reap the benefits of the internet.
Some of the population are more at risk in being digitally excluded. An increase in digital capabilities can reduce crime, increase employment and raise awareness for various disadvantaged residents.

Charities desperately need more equipment to provide digital access and appropriate training programmes for these people.

Our Support

“At the Foundation we have recognised the enormous impact which can be made and we have proactively sought out successful charities which would benefit significantly from our support. We are determined to increase digital accessibility and to transform lives.”
Roy Ramrutton, Trustee. Breyer Foundation

The nine organisations benefiting from the Breyer Foundation’s donation of free IT include:

  1. Handmade alliance
  2. Only Connect
  3. Olivespring CIC
  4. Toucan Employment
  5. Newlon Fusion
  6. A2Dominion
  7. Islington Arts Factory
  8. 170 Community Project
  9. Locksley TRA

Crime Prevention

Handmade Alliance
Handmade alliance operates in Hackney and provides opportunities for ex-offenders through qualifications such as ‘Sewing skills and Textiles production.’ This is an important scheme as it provides an alternative to crime and subsequently reduces the risk of reoffending. The course contains online components and therefore requires IT equipment. The Foundation is looking to donate 4 PCs and 2 Laptops

Only Connect
Only Connect is another charity which aims to reduce the risk of reoffending through employment opportunities. It is located in Central West London and operates for prisoners, youth at risk and ex-offenders. The results from their work are fantastic. The programme more than halves the risk of re-offending and it also benefits the economy, with the taxpayer saving £3.2 million.

Their employability chances will be significantly increased with our provision as many do not even have an email account. The 2 laptops and desktops will create access to more job opportunities through online training courses such as CSCS practise testing.

Development and Awareness

Olive Spring CIC
Olive Spring CIC operates in Lewisham and aims to increase the awareness of dyslexia in this region. The laptop provided by the Foundation will give this company more flexibility in the work they do. This will help raise awareness amongst parents who can then recognise the signs of dyslexia and give their children the appropriate support.

Toucan Employment
Toucan Employment operates in the London boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Brent and Lewisham. It is the longest running employment charity for people with learning difficulties in the UK. They help find the appropriate jobs tailored to the individual’s needs. Companies have been impressed by the capability and strong work ethic of these employees.
The Foundation is supporting this programme by providing 3 desktops and 3 Laptops. This will help them develop digital skills they will need to access job opportunities that are being advertised online.
“This is excellent news. The laptops will be very useful for clients undertaking job-searches and IT training at our offices. Alex Margolies. Service Manager. Toucan Employment

Newlon Fusion
Newlon Fusion is working in collaboration with John Scurr Community centre and is in partnership with corporations, community groups and other alliances. The centre operates in a deprived area of Tower Hamlets where computer access is particularly limited, particularly amongst Bangladeshi women. They aim to improve the lives of all residents within the area by providing a range of supportive services. The five laptops being provided will be used to increase ICT and functional skills. 

A2 Dominion
The A2 Dominion group provides high quality houses and acts as an exempt charity. They provide various services to members of the community and focus on delivering effective programmes to disadvantaged groups. They set up the scheme Digital DIY (Digital Includes You) Project. Which is a unique digital inclusion programme aimed at A2 Dominion tenants with the objective of enhancing their online capability. 

Fiona Cornell, A2Dominion’s Deputy Executive Director (Operations), said:
“As one of the country’s leading housing associations, we have been awarded funding from the Digital Deal Challenge Fund to support 1,300 residents, who are aged 45 and over and in rent arrears, to improve their computer skills. Following the government’s welfare reform changes, many residents will have benefits paid directly into their bank accounts, and from this they will need to pay their rent. Through this project, residents will be able to get online to make payments and keep track of their rent accounts and benefits, helping to avoid the risk of rent arrears.”


Islington Arts Factory
Islington Arts Factory provides over 50 educational courses in arts, dance and music for children and adult learners. They provide this at an affordable cost and it is welcome to everyone. Creativity stimulates personal growth and encourages social cohesion within the community. We provided them with a laptop and this will be used with an Olympus sound recorder to develop the work of these artists.


170 Community Project
The 170 Community Project works in an impoverished community where there are high levels of unemployment, poor housing and a high premature mortality rate. They provide a range of services in Lewisham to support these excluded individuals; including employability workshops, job search facilities and CV advice. These services last a lifetime and include computer and basic skills training. They work with Hatfield skills training centre which allows for people to use computers for personal development and job searching. This project has successfully taken people furthest from the labour market and given them the appropriate skills to acquire employment. They have supported 39 people into employment which is far more than the profiled targets. We were keen to support this charity and help transform more lives. Our support included the provision of 10 PCs and 4 laptops.

The Locksley Tenants and residents association (TRA) are a group of residents based in Dora Street in the Tower Hamlets region who help with all aspects of the community. We provided 6 PCs and 2 Laptops to help TRA operate their business. They provide employability projects for the youth, digital skill building for OAPs, fundraising for community events and support for the current women’s group of the region.


The Objects of the Foundation are:

  1. Benefitting the public through promoting the education (including social and physical training) of long term and short term unemployment in such ways as the Charity trustees see fit.
  2. To promote the advancement of citizenship and the development of the community by developing capacity and skills of socially disadvantaged communities in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and participate more in society.
  3. The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment.
  4. The promotion for the benefit of the public of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation (and in particular in London, East Anglia, South East and South West of England).

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